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bShe is very good looking sexy girl. Very sweet and above all she has a great figure (32-24-34 I guess, I never measured). I had often found her looking at me in a very strange manner. Also, daily, she used to greet me with a special smile and she never missed an opportunity to talk to me. I never took it seriously because I am a teacher and despite of my good look & personality I could not have imagined any love sort of thing, because there were many male students who were there to give me a hard competition.
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Even though I am very young, only 22, I thought that it’s my misunderstanding as she would never become interested in a teacher. I must admit that I am very popular among my students and all of them like me a lot. In short I never thought that I can get her. But, inside my heart there was a soft corner for her. I never scolded her in the class and always helped her. Due to this she was even more fascinated by my personality and generosity. The time passed by and nothing more happened besides smiles, Glares, talks, lectures and fascination until last week. Last week there was a function in my college and I got a chance to become casual with my students. I was seeking a chance to get close to her. I didn’t had to wait long as she her self came to me and we shared some personal things like hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. After that she started coming to me regularly and talk.
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Now unlike those unreal stories I am not going to say that I fucked her in the empty class room or bla bla bla. Infect I could do nothing. Then my golden chance came. Actually I had to take some of my students to Bhopal for a youth festival. She was a good dancer also and was a part of the group. Fortunately there was no boy in the group and only four girls and a lady teacher was there (boy that teacher was damn sexy, but I somehow didn’t like her). Our place is 12 hrs away from Bhopal by bus. As our place doesn’t have railroads we had to go by bus and the most convenient time was night. So, we reserved our seats in a luxury bus and were ready to go. The bus was 2x2 sitter bus and hence I had to sit with one of the girls or with the madam. Madam and I often have fights between us (Not serious ones) hence she was hesitating to sit with me thinking that I’ll tease her and make fun of her. So, now I had to search my partner. She (My darling student) was the only candidate from her class. Hence was sitting alone and other girls who were from the same class sat together.
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She looked at me with a shy and an anticipation of me sitting beside her was quite obvious from her expressions and eyes.But friends, I was really nervous and didn’t wanted to sit beside her because it’s not easy to sit with a girl whom you like and u know clearly that she likes u and is mad about you. Firstly I refused to sit with her and requested madam to sit with me. But she refused straight away. Now I had to sit with her when I sat she asked me whether why I dan’t want to sit with her is something wrong in her. I told her that I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable hence I thought not sit. She then angrily said “I am really feeling myself in heaven sitting with such wonderful friend cum teacher like you. That stupid madam can not give comfort to me. Understandddddd.” I never knew she saw me as friend and would dare to call her madam stupid. I asked sorry and she was happy. It was just after diwali thus at night there was chill in the air. She was wearing blue denim jeans and fitting red t-shirt. This was making her look damn sexy. She always used to wear a light perfume which smelt like rose. This all was making me tense and exotic. then she started talking to me and now I was relaxed and was enjoying her company. The time passed and after 2 hrs. she felt like sleeping .She slept and I was looking outside the window the lights were switched off by the driver as we were running on the highway.
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Suddenly I felt her head on my shoulder she was sleeping deep and I am sure it wasn’t intentional. I liked her touch and feel and I sat motion less so that she shouldn’t wake up. But I was shocked when she slid further and from my shoulders her head was now on my lap. In deep sleep, she hugged my legs tightly and her fleshy firm breasts were now pressing my thighs. My dick awaked and tried to stretch inside my undies. Suddenly bus was on the bad road and because of jerks she got up and realized that she was on my lap and her boobs were lying on my thighs. She felt ashamed and sat properly again. I told her that she can sleep that way if she wants. She hesitatingly accepted it and was again on my lap. But, this time round I noticed that she was moving a lot and boobs were really being pressed against my legs. Though I liked this I had to stop her because I was an honest teacher up till then. I asked her that what she was up to. She rose up again and smiled and instead of panicking she invited me to her shoulder saying that I must be tired. I don’t know y I accepted it and kept head on her shoulder. she put her fingers in my hair and started caressing me. I was really felt like home and I was enjoying her smell, touch, affection and invitation. she had a shawl and wore it around me and her so that we came even closer. Now she guided me towards her breast and pressed my head on them I was now using her breast as pillow. in jerks of the bus I was really enjoying their comfort. I went on with her Lap next and with my head resting on her thighs I was drawing shapes on her inner thigh with my fingers.
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She was getting a lot of pleasure with my teasing fingers. She took her hand near to my zip and started undoing them. Her hand was now playing with my dick. She was feeling and caressing it. I was also getting excited with the immense pleasure. I got up and placed my hand around her shoulder and I enter my hand in side her t-shirt and my hand got inside her bra. it was hard getting in to her firm and tightly held breast. I pinched her nipples and by this she almost screamed but she was clever enough not to spoil the party. All most all the passengers were sleeping and those who were awaked could not have seen us due to the darkness and shawl we had around us. I could wait no long. So, I started to unhook her jeans and I inserted my hand inside her panty. She was all wet inside and to my amazement there were only few hairs. I tried to insert a finger inside her hole but the positive was hard to come as she was a virgin. So I continued with her pussy. Really it was drriping hard with her juice. I tasted it as I have read that it is really good but frankly it wasn’t the case but still it gave me a thrill. I asked her whether she can lick my dick. She whispered that she can do any thing for me. She put her head on my lap and slowly took my dick in her mouth she was really licking it as if it was a lollypop and was enjoying it. I was in heaven and my hand was playing with her breast. Wow now I was feeling the heat in my stomach and my balls were ready to empty the stuff I told her whispering that I am about to come.
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She didn’t stop and I could wait no longer and started ejaculating loads of cum in side her mouth. I ejaculated so much that I thought I would not stop coming for at least 10 min. When I stopped her mouth was full of cum. She spitted all outside the window (Come-on friends she is not a whore who can drink it) and drank a lot of water. We then smooched for 10 min. and she kept her head on my shoulder and we started talking. She told me that she loved me since she was in first year (she is in second year) and was always thinking of me and wanted a night like this. She even told me that she was participating in the youth festival only because I was in charge of it and she wanted to win a price for me. Friends believe me or not she won second prize and in lieu of this I promised her that one day I would definitely lick her pussy which I couldn’t have done in the bus. Please friends what ever you think about this story let me ur reply Later I fucked that girl but how? That I’ll tell you in the next story.

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