Seducing My Sister And Making Her My Wife

I read Indian Sex story then I watch Indian porn with my sister and I fuck my sister regular. I love her breast and I love to have sex with her. My sister loves me because I give her the best sex ever. 

I and my sister read all your msgs and to some of u we have replied too. Many have asked us whether it is a real story or fiction. It’s a real incident happened between us and today I am going to tell u how I seduced my sister and how we became Incest. Hope my life will be a guide for every person who wants to seduce there sisters.

It nearly took me 3 months to seduce my sister. U need great patience to seduce ur sister. It all happened 3 yrs back when I was 23 and my sister was in 19.I have been the Indian Sex Story reader from my college days and Incest stories are my favorite part. When my sister was young I dint have any feelings for her. But as she joined in her college her physical appearance started to change. Her boob size increased. Her whole figure changed. As I told in my earlier story she doesn’t have big boobs or big ass. She is a heroine material. She is dusky with pretty eyes and sweet lips. She is lean. Her size is 32 and 30. When I asked her bra size she said she is wearing 34B. So u can imagine what could be her size.

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Every day she used to broom our house that was the time I’ll be wafting to have a glimpse of her boobs. As she bents down I can see her upper portion of her boobs. During night time I used have hard. As we both sleep in the same bedroom I used to check whether she has slept or not. If she slept I keep my hand over her boobs and started to jerk my dick thinking of my sister. This went for some months but there was no progress. I even planned to keep a pen camera in her bathroom so that I can see her bathing. But those days I found difficult to find the pen cameras as I don’t know from where to get it. She has her own laptop and one day I opened it and checked its browsing history. Mostly it’s of fb but sometimes she has visit porn sites too. That was the time I was happy that she is watching porn videos. But I was worried as she hasn’t watched any Incest videos.

 So my first plan to seduce my sister is she is should know that there can be relationship with brothers and sisters so I wanted her to watch incest videos. That was the time there was famous English serious came in HBO named ‘Game of thrones’ in that they would have showed incest relationship and plenty of nudity .So I decided it to show it to her. She reaches home around 5 in the eve and surfs in net for sometime watch TV den goes to study by 7-7.30.

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One day as she came home and surfing in net I asked her “Hi Ash I just downloaded an English series from torrent, it was good. Like to watch it.”
“Is it that good, K leave it here, I will watch” Ash said .So I left my pen drive near her.
Aft sometime she started to watch it. In the first episode a brother will be fucking her own sister. She saw that too. And she started to like the series as everyday aft coming from college she watches it. One day I thought of watching it along with her. So I sat down next to her as we were watching a scene came where the brother hugs and kisses her sister. I saw her in a side manner she didn’t give any expression. Every day we both started to watch together and discuss about the episode.

One day I asked her “do u know in that series bro and sis were in relationship”
“Ya I know, Its quiet bad” She replied.

“Nope it’s not bad. In olden days it was a normal thing. Only how things were hyped” I replied.” Even now in many foreign countries it was normal”
“Ha. How u know it’s normal? It’s not normal u know” she replied.
“Arae haven’t u seen porn movie in the title incest” I asked.
Hearing this she was shocked as I directly spoke about porn movies. “Porn movie, I have never watched porn movie so far” she replied
“Ash, of course I know u watch porn. It was there in your browser history” I said and winked at her.
“How dare u checked it! Who gave u permission to open my laptop” she yelled at anger.
“Hey come on its normal. Even I do watch porn. What’s wrong in it? I even have 1 gb collection in my hard disk. If u wanna watch ill give that too” I said
“1gb porn. U really have it.” She asked

“Yup. Here take it. Watch it when eve u want.” I gave my hard disk from my cupboard. She took it and kept it down. I moved from the room. Couple of days went I know she hasn’t watched the porn yet. One evening she asked me “Anna where are the porn movies I can’t find it” My sister called me from her room.
    This was the time I was waiting. I wanted to discuss about sex freely with my sister. I went to her room and opened the hidden folder. I can see my sister eyes went into excitement. “K. Watch it; I will be in hall watching TV. If anything call me” I Said and moved towards the hall. I don’t want to hurry for anything and spoil my plan. My sister watched the movie for about an hour and came out. I don’t ask her anything I acted normally. Couple of days went and everyday she started to watch porn. She asks my hard drive and goes inside her room. Couple of times I entered her room in the name of taking some books and I saw she was watching blowjob video in it. But I acted normally.

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“Oh this video va. Ya it’s a good one. The actor is hot” I told her and left the room
I am very calm in making my first move. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing in hurry. Next day as she came home from coll I told her “hey Ash I have a new video. I got from my friend. Wanna watch it; it’s good” I told. “Ok anna I’ll watch it. Lemme freshen up” my sister said and went inside the restroom. About half hour later she asked me the new video .i gave her the video it was the incest video. When the movie started, I entered her room and sat next to her. And we both were watching a porn video.

That was the time I asked her “Which position u like Ash?”
“Uhh huh. I don’t know anna” she replied not looking at me. I know she is uncomfortable.
“Hey why are u uncomfortable! Just be normal .its normal to watch porn” As I said the gal in the movie sucked his bro’s cock. I asked her “do u like this part”

“Yes” she replied in one word .It was 30 min video. We watched fully. She was silent the whole evening. That night as she came to sleep besides me, our room was dark as we switched off all the lights and closed the door. As in other room my parents were sleeping. Every time I was the one who initiated the sex conversation. But today is the first time she initiated it.
“Anna .Even does Indians have that mush big cock” My sister asked.
“Nope Ash, they are foreigners. We Indians have small dick” I replied
“How small”
“About 4-6 inches” I replied
“4-6 inches na. This much size uh” She showed her hand
“Uhh nope. Wait I’ll show u” As I said I got my sister hand and kept it inside my pant. The moment I did. She with draw her hand from my pant. “Hey what happened u asked na” I again took her hand and placed it over my dick. My sister touched my dick. That was the first time she touched me. It was a heaven feeling. Ur own sister touching your cock. She held my dick in surprise. It’s the first time for her too to hold a guys dick. As she holds my dick, she jerked it slightly in disbelief that she is holding his bro dick.
“Now your doubt is over na” I asked her.
“Yes Anna” She replied and turned her face tat side.
“U like blowjob na, do u wanna do blowjob” I asked her. She said no and covered her face.

Next morning she went to coll and returned eve. I was watching TV. As usual I acted normal as if nothing happened btw us. I went to take shower. Knowingly I left my towel outside as I finished my bath I called my sister asking my towel. As she came with the towel I opened the bathroom was I was standing naked and gave her the full view of my body. Looking at my dick she was not surprised or moved her face away. That’s the time I came to know I was ready to take my sister.

I came out nude and got the towel from my sister hand. I wiped my whole body as she stood infront of me.”What ash today dint u see any movies” I asked as I am wiping my dick with the towel.
“I was waiting for u anna “my sister replied.

“Yup, come lets watch it” I said and went into our room. My sis was wearing black shirt and knee level skirt. While I just wrapped my towel on my lower body and sat next to her. This time she herself selected ‘Taboo’ where a brother seduces her sister and fucks. Now I was completely relieved that she too is ready. As the movie was going I took my sister right hand and placed over my dick. She dint say no to it. And she slowly started to jerk my dick. I asked my sister “you said u like blowjob na”

“Yes anna” she replied seeing my eyes. We both were making eye contact. Hearing this I stood up from my chair and moved my dick near to my sister face. “Then try it Ash, nothing wrong it” I said. And that was the time my dream came true my sister took my dick in her mouth. Slowly she sucked it. I was flying. I dint push my dick into her mouth. As this is the first time I want her to take it slowly. She sucked only half of my dick but I wanted her to suck it fully.
    “Suck my balls Ash. It will taste good” I said and opened her shirt button. I opened the first two buttons, my sister was wearing a black bra. I inserted my hand inside her and caught her boobs fully. As my sister was sucking my dick she rolled her eyes up and saw me without taking her mouth from my cock.
“Do u like my cock” I asked my sister

“mmmm. Yes” She replied without taking it out .I removed all her shirt buttons and her bra and had a full glimpse of her boobs. I took her up from the chair and made her to lie on the bed. My sister had brown nipples. I sucked it like a baby. My sister was moaning as this s her first time. She was wearing a knee level skirt which I lifted it and removed her panty. I started lick her pussy. That time my calling bell rang .It was 7o’clock my parents have returned from their work. Hearing this we both dressed up .And opened the door.

From that day we both became incest. From then I used screw my sister whenever I felt and she has never said no to me. And every day my sister gives me a good night blowjob before going to sleep. That was the time we came up with the idea of three some which u would have read in my previous story of
“Sharing My Sister With My Friend Part 1 & 2”.

From this site I started to get many friends. I and my sister have exchanged our pictures and numbers too. Hope we will come with the incident when we meet someone from this site.

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