Sex at Party Break

He walked through the door and I could already feel the butterflies fumbling around inside of me. My heart started to beat quickly as he flashed his gorgeous smile at me and closed the distance between us. “Hi,” I said blushing as he gave me a tight, sensual hug. “Hey babe,” he whispered in my ear before he pulled away, leaving me yearning for his touch again. I had been dying to see him since the start of the week, but now I was frozen, unsure of what to do. “Hey,” my friend Jenna yelled from across the kitchen, “shot?” I came out of my daze and nodded instantly, “Definitely.”

After multiple shots I was feeling more at ease, now having my head resting on Derrick’s shoulder and his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. Our friends rambled on about which party would be best to go to but my mind was else where. I got on my tip-toes and reached my lips to Derrick’s ear, “Where ever we end up,” I whispered heavily, “Bring a condom.” Without saying another word I strolled over to Jenna. We posed as someone took photos, but my eyes looked passed the camera at Derrick, his eyes boring into mine with lust.

As we arrived at the party I took in its enormity. People drunkenly bumped into us as we made our way to the back, finding the dance floor without haste. Derrick was on my heels, his hand weaved into mine and his hot breath on my neck, signaling his presence. He pulled me into him and we began dancing, our bodies grinding into one another’s passionately. I swayed my ass back into him, feeling his erection growing. My pussy tightened as he dipped his hands passed the waistband of my leggings. We were undetected in the darkness of the room, his fingers unknown to anyone but me. I squirmed as he fucked his fingers into me, making my hips sway wildly into his pelvis. “Fuck babe,” I moaned against the blaring music. He flipped me around, pressing my back into the wall as he pushed his body into mine. I stood there open-mouthed as he dipped his fingers in and out of my pussy savagely; my legs began to quake as the pleasure grew inside of me. “Fuck I’m going to cum,” I whined as I dug my nails into his firm biceps. Without warning his withdrew his fingers, leaving me panting, seconds from my release. I stared at him wide-eyed, the adrenaline in my body rushing round with no point of escape. “What the fuu..,” I began but Derrick covered my mouth with his hand. “I like how you act after you’ve been teased,” he said, driving me wild. I gave him a bitchy glare before running my hand down his body, but halting at his belt. “Two can play at that game,” I smiled, rubbing my hand up and down the bulge of his cock. Derrick wrapped his hand around my throat and pinned me up against the wall harshly, turning me on and making me stroke him lustfully. His lips met mine hungrily, pulling and biting my bottom lip. I let out a small whine as his lips left mine, provoking his desire even further. “Enough,” he said as he tore my hand away from him, “I want you now.” I bit my lip content, giving him a sultry smirk before grabbing his hand and leading him through the party.

I lead him to the front of the house, looking around suspiciously before pushing us into the small bathroom. I locked the door behind us and turned to face him, my heart pounding out of my chest. I moved my hands to his belt, unfastening it hurriedly, and pushed his jeans and briefs to the floor. I kissed his muscular legs as I got on my knees, nibbling his skin and unhinging his patience. Derrick grabbed my long hair, pulling up so that I met his gaze. I took him in my mouth and watched his expression change. He tilted his head back in pleasure, his breath faltering. I bobbed back and forth on his cock, taking him deep in my mouth and pulling back so my tongue swirled around his tip. Derrick pulled my hair roughly as he let out a gruff moan, making my pussy wet. I began massaging my clit through my leggings as I swirled my tongue around his swollen cock, making my body twitch and my want for him burn deep inside of me. Derrick pulled my hair back, leaving his cock dripping with precum and myself sitting patiently for instruction. “Fuck,” he growled as he pulled me up, ripping my leggings down my thighs fiercely. “How does my baby want it?” I bit my lip, tasting the bit of precum he’d left behind, “I want you to bend me over the counter and fuck me,” I purred. Derrick spun me around swiftly, pressing my cheek into the cold tile counter. “What baby wants, baby gets,” he said, his voice dripping with desire. He pinned my arms back and slapped my ass hard, setting a moan free from my lips. He did it again and I arched my ass back into him, ready for the next. His hard cock slipped inside of me unannounced, making me gasp. His size filled me up, giving me pleasure instantly. “Mmmmmm,”

I moaned full of lust as he slid in and out of me, each time deeper than the last. I squirmed wildly but he held my arms back tightly, not letting me escape my pleasure. “Give it to me, babygirl,” he growled as he thrust into me roughly, his cock pounding my tight pussy. I panted wantonly as my pleasure approached its peak, every inch of my body tensed and quivering. With one last deep thrust it overcame me, the thrill rushing over my body and releasing moans from my lips. Derrick came shortly after, noting but our ragged breathing resounding through the bathroom. He threw the condom away as I stay slumped on the counter, reveling in the delicious passion pounding through my body and mind. I looked up in the mirror, seeing Derrick behind me, eating up every inch of me with his eyes. “Get those leggings back up or you’re gonna have some more trouble coming your way.” I turned to face him and tugged my leggings up slowly, teasing him. “Maybe later,” I said nonchalantly, reaching for the doorknob. “I like how you act after you’ve been teased.” With that I slipped out the door into the party, but feeling his presence right behind me. This was going to be a long night, I thought to myself content.

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