Meri Student Yami ki Chudai

Mera naam Raj hai...Raj malhotra...i am a teacher in the punjab university..i have taught many people and they have become great in life...

aaj main jo batane ja raha hoon, woh meri ek student ke baare mein hain....Her name is Yami gautam..I think u know her..she was a simple girl in collge but now she is an actress...when i saw her movie Vicky donor, i thought,"Is this the same yami, i had fucked in my cabin??" haha..yes u got it right...i have had sex with i will take my time to tell u abt the incident....

it was after the regular college classes....the exams were abt to start and i was among the ones who were gonna check the paper...yami came to my cabin, no one was there except us because everyone had gone home after the classes....yami said" hello sir"
i replied," hello yami....why are u still here ?? the classes have already ended...anything u wanna tell me ??"
Yami-Ahhmm...yes sir...!!

Me-Ok fine..tell me

Yami- Sir, i dont know how to tell u.....actually it sounds quite strange...

Me- Yami, i am ur teacher, child...I am like ur father...Tell me if any problem is there ...

Yami- oK SIR....sir actually i am quite weak in ur subject...and i need to complete my graduation with good marks...

Me- so what ??? why are u telling me this ??

Yami- sir, i want some extra marks....i will give u anything u want !!!!!!!! just i wanna top !!!

Me- What nonsense !! u want me to give u more marks and cheat on other students ??? sorry yami...!! i am ateacher, i cant do such activity

(Yami smiled....she started feeling her boobs and started looking at me......she was trying to tempt me...i was trying not to look but..i am a man and i was getting tempted....)

Yami- (Moaning) Ahhhhh...ooooo...sir, my boobs have grown up quite big nah ??? just few months back it was 34 and now its 36...!!! sir u dont believe me ?? touch nah !!!

Me- What ???

Yami- now dont be silly sir, i can see ur dick has risen up....omg !!!

(She came to me and started feeling my dick....i was really getting very tempted...felt like my dick is gonna tear my pants and come out to fuck yami....She touched my dick for a while and kissed my chest...she started to unbutton my shirt....i was speechless..i wanted her to STOP , but i was really tempted by hers exy body and face....)
Yami- let me open ur zip !!!! and give u a blowjob !!! wud u mind???

Me- Ohh actually...........
Yami opened my zip and started pulling mu cockskin forward and backward...i was enjoting.....i moaned....ahhh yami...ahhhh..yes !! yes !!! now suck my cock...!! suck baby !!!
Yami started sucking...i was enjoying it...ahhhh...yesss !!! ummmmm!!!!! after 10 minutes i was about to cum !!!

Me- yami, i am abt to cum baby!!

Yami- Ohh sir, spread it all over my face....

After some time i cummed...all over her face...sperms here all over her eyes, lips and her beautiful face was covered with cum!!!!

Yami- Sir, wud u like to fuck me now ????

Me- OH YES !!! .....
I opened my pants...i hugged her and started feeling her bodu...i touched her ass from outside and then started smelling her underwear....her underwear had a bad smell because she had worn it since a week !!!
then i kissed her pussy and fingered it.....
yami- ahhhhhh..yes...yess...ouch !!! dont bite !!! ahhhhhh!!!! ooooo!!!! ouccchhhh!!! wwwwwwwoooo!!!! uhmmmmmuhmmmmm.......

I was enjoying her moaning....then i catched my penis and tried to insert in her hole...her hole has 6 inches hair..and because of her pubic hair i was unable to see clearly but after some struggle i started fucking her,.....

I made her stand with repect to my table...she was standing keeping her hands in the table and i was fucking her.......
Yami- ahhhh..yessss...ooooo...yes !! hard !!! makachut !!!!! aur !!! lund mein jitna dum hai sab dikaa!!!! randi ki aulaad !!! ahhh!!! yess!!! maar mujhe !!!!! faad de !!!! faad de meri chut !!!! yesss!!! ioooooo!!!!

Me- haan !!!!! faad daalonga teri chut !!!!! bahut badiya hai !!!!!

I was again abt to cum....!!!!! i didnt tell her this.....after some time i dropped all the sperm in her pussy !!!! banne de saali ko pregnant...!!!! she deserved it !!!!

Then i spanked her ass..the ass cheecks became red...i beat her ass again...!!! slapped it around 10 times !!!!

Then i put one finger into her butthole.....then two fingers...and then WHOLE HAND !!!! I took some drinking water from my cabin water bottle and cleaned her ass...i wiped it with my handkerchief......

Then i inserted my cock into her ass !!!
Yami- This is my first anal.....ahhhh!!! its painful.....

I started fucking her...she was feeling pain....i fucked her and fucked....for 15 minutes it went..yami was crying in pain...!!

Yami- i cant !! not anymore !!! ny ass will bleed !!!! plzzz leave me !!!

I was getting angry....i punched her in her face !!!! her nose started bleeding....i am a person against women violence but yami was a randi who deserved it !!!!!

After some time i was ready for the third cum !!!!

Iss baar i cummed in her asss !!!!! big asshole turned red...!!!! ahhhhh!!! kya mazaaa aya yaaar !!!! Meri student....Mujhse chuwake gayi !!!! hahah....i cant forget that day !!!!

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