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If they knew my history, they would have never let me be a teacher. Especially a high school one.

Still, it’s not like I spend all of my day gawking at the girls in my classes. But, every once and a while, a girl comes along that is just too hard to resist. Nikita was one of those girls…

Nikita was one of the good students in my class. She’d always turn her work in on time and it seemed like she really did take the time to study.

She’d always come to class early, too, which might be one of the reasons why she really caught my eye. Her demeanor was quite pleasant and bubbly, with her voice being that perfect mix of youth.

She was 5’1” and probably no more than 50 kgs..
Nikita’s 18th birthday came a few weeks before the final day of school. I remember her coming into class early, like she always did, only this time wearing a cute little tiara that her friends had made her wear.

Nikita and I had become pretty close to the point she was comfortable talking private things with me, despite the fact that I was her teacher.
“Not the partying type, eh?” I said, genuinely curious how such a pretty girl didn’t want to get caught up in the fun of being a careless teen.
“I mean, I’ve been to parties and stuff, but it’s never as fun as people make it seem to be when we talk about it at school later.”
“Already bored of the scene?”
“Honestly, I feel older than everyone.”

“How so?”
“Like, when my father-in-law’s friends are over, I like to talk to them. They seem to be very interested in me.”
I paused for a second, knowing that her dad’s friends were probably just being dirty old men looking for to flatter a cute little teen.
“You think so?” I asked.
“Yeah, kind of like you. You and I seem to get along really well.”
An awkward silence then filled the room as we both seemed to glance at the clock, wondering when the first person would appear and break up this conversation.
Nikita, with growing boldness, then reached over, grabbed my hand and looked me directly in the eyes.

“Look, I’ve been seeing the way you’ve been staring at me during class. I … I just want you to know that … I like older men,” Nikita said in a soft, whispery voice.
“Nikita… Um…” I began to say, but another student started to enter the room, forcing Nikita and I to quickly break apart.

The rest of the class was a blur for me. I could tell that Nikita’s eyes were completely trained on me the whole time. Later, when everyone turned in their worksheets for the day, I saw that Nikita had written a special note in one of the answer boxes:
“I’m no princess, and I don’t want to be treated like one. xoxoxo”
She then left her cellphone number.

As much as I knew it was wrong, there wasn’t a part of me after reading that that would try and turn back now…

As I sat at home that night after my somewhat heated encounter with Nikita, I immediately started remembering that night with that quite literal barely legal teen. I could still perfectly remember the sound of slapping flesh that filled the room that night. Her thin, supple body was completely manhandled by me and two other guys. We took turns DPing her and fucking her in the mouth. We completely ran a train on her. She told us she was a virgin, but by the end of the night, after having to service all three of us, she was sucking and fucking like a pro.
Those memories got the best of me and I found myself digging up Nikita’s phone number from the stack of papers I was grading. I decided to text her.
“Hey, it’s Mr. Andy,” I wrote, completely realizing that she could be just messing with me and trying to get me fired, but at this point I didn’t care.
After a few excruciating minutes she finally replied.
“Hey! :) :) :)” Nikita wrote.

“So, about our talk earlier…” I wrote.
A few more minutes passed and she finally replied.
“Sorry if that was awkward.”
I thought long and hard about my reply, since this was the point of no return. I could brush it all aside and be the upright teacher who says this should stop right now, or I could keep pushing deeper and deeper to see where this would go.
Thinking with my already growing penis, I chose the latter.
“You’re a legal woman now. You can do whatever you want.”
“Or whoever I want? ;)” she replied almost immediately.
I was immediately taken aback. This was one of the good girls in my class.
“You shouldn’t be talking to a teacher that way,” I replied.
“You shouldn’t be texting a student late at night.”
At this point we both knew we weren’t going to turn back now. I began formulating my next move, but she went first.

“Look, remember how I mentioned my father-in-law’s friends? Well, they said they knew you…” Nikita wrote.
“Really? Who are they?”
She then texted me the full names of my old buddies from college: Nikhil and Vinay.
“Shit. I haven’t heard those names in a long time,” I wrote. “Did they tell you anything else?”
“Yeah, but I’m sure you know what.”
Nikita must have found out about our past, how my buddies and I loved to gangbang young girls. I don’t know why those guys were living back in town, but I was immediately grateful.
“We’re having a party later in the week. Just us, but they said they’d love it if you could come:)” Nikita wrote.
What sly, disgusting dogs my friends were.
“Tell me when and where and I’m there.”

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough. Each day in class the rest of the week, I noticed that Nikita was wearing sexier and sexier clothing. One day she wore a cute white, lacy dress. The next day she wore yoga pants and a tight workout tank top that finally revealed the true size of her breasts — probably B cups and rather plump looking. Friday, she wore a mini skirt and very loose fitting top that gave you a flash of her mid drift if she moved just right. I’m sure it didn’t fit school dress code, but fuck me I didn’t care.
We had been sending each other semi-flirty messages the whole week, but Friday things took a change for the dirty. After school that day, I saw that she had texted me a few times.

In fact, she had sent me pictures she found online. Dirty, pornographic pictures.
“I want you guys to ravish me,” Nikita wrote after a particularly dirty one of a small girl being spit roasted by two large men. “I want to be treated like Sasha Grey.”
“Soon;)” I replied.

She then texted me a picture she must have taken in a bathroom at school. She was sitting on a toilet fingering herself through that little mini skirt she had on today.
“Remember how I asked to go the bathroom during class? I had to go “relieve” myself after looking at you:PPP” Nikita wrote.
She was ready to go, and so was I.
I drove up, knocked on the door and half expected to be greeted by swarm of police officers. Instead, there were my two old buddies Vinay and Nikhil.
“Hey man, nice of you to drop by,” Nikhil said.
“Yeah, it’s almost just like old times!” Vinay said.
“I guess the band is back together,” I said.
“You’re looking pretty good, dude,” Nikhil said to me. “I can see why you’re breaking your students’ hearts.”

In fact, all three of us looked to be in fairly decent shape. Being just past 30 now, but the three of us looked no worse for wear. Nikhil, who was always tall, even looked a little buffer than he did back in college.
“I’ve been working as a personal trainer,” Nikhil said.
Vinay wasn’t buff, but he was definitely in shape.
“I always start my morning with a run,” Vinay said.
I had been hitting the gym all this year and I was pretty proud of my arms. Nikita even texted me this week saying that she loved watching me write on the whiteboard because it showed off my “guns.”

“So, when does our ‘entertainment’ get here?” Nikhil asked.
“She said around 9,” I replied.
But, like in school, Nikita showed up 10 minutes early. We heard a ring and the door and I went to go answer.

“Always early, Nikita. You’re such a good little girl,” I said as opened the door to find Nikita, now wearing little black dress and heels.
“Not after tonight,” Nikita quipped flirtatiously as she scanned me and room, spotting Vinay and Nikhil inside.

“Hey Nikita. Come on inside and take a seat,” Nikhil said.
Nikita walked in and grabbed my hand, so I walked her over to the living room where Vinay and Nikhil were sitting and drinking. She sat down and started looking around.
“So this is a grown-up party?” Nikita said. “Seems a little boring.”
“At the moment,” Vinay said. “We’re only just getting started.”
Nikita giggled and brushed her hair from her face like she did so many times in my class.
“This girl is one of the best students in my class,” I said. “She always comes early and seems to really pay attention.”

Nikita shot a look over at me as if she were embarrassed.
“Why don’t you give us a live demonstration of what you were doing in the pic?” I said, coyly.

Nikita took a deep gulp and looked down.
Nikita slowly parted her legs, revealing her dark red panties. She then started slowly rubbing her pussy, panties still on, with one of her hands.
Us guys scooted closer to get a better look of the show. Nikita was rubbing pretty good, and a little damp spot soon appeared on the panties.
“Getting wet already?” Vinay said.

“Oh yeah,” Nikita said with her breathing getting harder and deeper.
Nikita soon pulled her panty aside, revealing her pink, glistening pussy lips. She started rubbing more, but soon started to push a few fingers inside.
“Jesus, that pussy looks so fresh,” Nikhil said.
“Never been touched by anyone else but me,” Nikita said.
“How does she know how to work it so well?” Vinay said. “Have you been teaching her?”
“No, Mr. Andy hasn’t. I’ve been studying all on my own,” Nikita said as her fingers slid in and out of her teen pussy.
“What a good girl,” I said, not knowing what else to say as the blood from my brain rushed to my cock.

Nikita started to squeak a bit as her rubbing got more intense. She would glance over at all three of us guys, then close her eyes and tilt her head back, squeaking some more.
“You sure do love the attention, Nikita,” Nikhil said.
“Well, she’s the star attraction tonight,” Vinay said.
Before we knew it, Nikita was moaning as she had apparently made herself orgasm.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Nikita yelled out as her rubbing peaked, then slowed.
“I hope you don’t think you’re done for the night,” Vinay said.
“Yeah, don’t you know about the rule?” Nikhil said.
“What… what rule?” Nikita said as she caught her breath, still lightly fondling her pussy.
“Tell her, Mr. Andy,” Nikhil said, teasingly.
“Well, for every orgasm that you have, you have to make all three of us cum once,” I said.

“Wait… you guys can’t possibly be serious,” Nikita said.
“We didn’t gain our notoriety for nothing,” Vinay interjected.
“It’s going to be a long, fun night,” I said.
Nikita sat up a bit as if she were rethinking what she was getting into.
“Hey, don’t think you can turn back now,” Vinay said as he started to walk towards her.
Nikita’s eyes got wide as all of us guys stood up. In unison we began to undo our belts and pull down our pants. Our already throbbing cocks then popped out, our eyes trained on the little prize before us.
“Keep touching yourself, Nikita. No one told you to stop,” Vinay commanded.
Nikita began to rub herself once more. Her eyes were darting from cock to cock, probably sizing each one of us up. All of our cocks were over 7 inches long, with Vinay’s massive member topping us all at about 10 inches.
“They’re… so big,” Nikita said, her voice quivering.
“And they’re going to fill each and every one of your holes
“You old geezers,” Nikita said, her voice perking up a bit.
“What was that, missy?” I said.
Nikita just smiled as her pussy rubbing began to get faster again.
“I think it’s about time give this girl a lesson,” I said.
And with that we swarmed her, taking our positions around this beautiful little teen.
Nikita’s body was soon being groped by three pairs of old hands. My hands were exploring her pussy and ass, Nikhil shoved his hands in her dress to squeeze her breasts, and Vinay was reaching for any bit of skin he could stroke.
I decided to stand her up so I could rip her dress off and make out with her.
“Mr. Andy…” Nikita began but was cut off by my tongue.
Nikhil got behind her and made sure that Nikita could feel his cock against her ass. My hands were in-between Nikita’s legs. Vinay, probably feeling left out, grabbed one of Nikita’s hands and made her grip his cock.
“Holy… holy shit,” Nikita struggled to say. “Your penises are so hard.”
“Yeah, but they’re not ready just yet,” Vinay said.
“They need a little love and care,” Nikhil said.
I disengaged from Nikita’s face and motioned her to get on the floor.
“On your knees, baby,” Vinay said.
Nikita worriedly complied.
“You said you’ve been studying,” Nikhil said. “Well, do you know what’s about to happen here?”
Nikita looked around as we encircled her, our cocks each standing at attention at a different angle around her head.
“I’m going to have to lick and suck these things, right?” Nikita said innocently.
“Correct! What a good girl,” Vinay said.
Without hesitation, Nikita then clamped down her mouth on my cock and began licking the head like a lolly pop.
“That’s it, oh yeah, that’s it!” I said as I slowly started thrusting.
“Don’t leave us hanging,” Nikhil said as he picked up Nikita’s hand and put it on his cock. “While you’re blowing one guy, make sure to jack off the rest of us with your free hands.”
Nikita then grabbed Vinay’s cock with her other hand and began to stroke them both as she continued to lick my cock.
“Wow, what a quick learner,” Vinay said.
Nikita tried to smile, but my 8 and 1/2 inch cock prevented her mouth from doing much else.
She blew me for a minute before the other guys got a little antsy.
“Now go to another cock, baby. Remember, you have to service all of us,” Vinay said.
Nikita popped up and moved over to Nikhil’s cock. With his being a little smaller than mine, she was able to fit a little more of it in her mouth.
Nikhil placed his hand on her head to slowly guide her down further.
“Deeper, take it deeper,” Nikhil said as Nikita struggled to comply.
Nikita soon began to gag. She popped up and started coughing, but Vinay and Nikhil weren’t about to show any mercy.
“You’re just getting started,” Vinay said as forcefully grabbed Nikita’s head, turned her around, and forced his cock through her mouth.
Vinay then started to pull and thrust his massive cock in and out of Nikita’s mouth. Nikita continued to gag, but Vinay would have none of it.
Nikita looked up at me as if I were going to help her, but I just watched and stroked my cock as Vinay pounded her mouth.
“Sorry baby, but you have to learn,” I said.
Vinay was able to force his cock down Nikita’s throat to the point that her mouth touched the base. He then held her there for a few seconds, but what probably felt like minutes for Nikita.
“This is called a deep throat. Breathe through your nose and you’ll be fine,” Vinay said.
Nikita tried to breathe, but she began to really choke up. Vinay, deciding she had enough, finally pulled out of her mouth.
As soon as Vinay’s cock slid out of her mouth, Nikita fell to all fours and began to cough violently.

“Please,” Nikita struggled to say. “Can… we go a little softer?”
All us guys then looked at each other. We were all stroking our cocks vigorously at the scene that had unfolded before us. Somehow, even in our 40s, we had found a young teen who agreed to fuck us. She wasn’t even saying stop, she was just saying go slower.
A devilish grin then appeared on all of our faces. There was no way we were going to let up now.
I then knelt in front of Nikita to talk to her face to face.
“We aren’t notorious for nothing, baby,” I said. “Now, get back on your knees or else Vinay here might stick his cock in that ass you’re presenting early.”
Nikita looked up at me and I was immediately struck with her innocence, which even a few cocks hadn’t washed away. She could easily pass for 14, even 13. Her eyes were as wide as they were on the first day of my class.
I brushed the hair that had covered the side of her face away and she smiled.
“Let me suck just you for awhile, Mr. Andy,” Nikita said.
I stood back up, my cock looming over her head, and laughed.
“Go on, have at it,” I said.
Nikita then got back on her knees and wrapped her mouth around my throbbing member. She put a little more suction into this session, and even popped up and started licking from the base of the underside of my cock to the tip.
“Now where did you learn that?” I said with a smile.
“Online,” Nikita blurted out.
“So you know more then you’re letting on,” Nikhil said as he and Vinay were busy stroking their cocks and watching Nikita go to work on me.
Nikita continued to lick and suck my cock for a good minute or two before Nikhil and Vinay closed in. She worked up a good rhythm, closing her eyes as my cock was just swallowed by her mouth. But, Nikhil and Vinay had enough waiting. As Nikita sucked away, Vinay grabbed one of her hands while Nikhil grabbed the other. They then made her grip their cocks and guided her to stroke. Nikita’s arms being in the air, gripping onto these other cocks while she sucked mine, made her look like a piece of meat that had been strung up for the plundering.
Finally, after a few minutes, Nikita stopped sucking and opened her eyes. She glanced over at her left hand, which was holding Vinay’s cock, and then over to her right, which was holding Nikhil’s member. Making her decision, she then quickly turned around and clamped her mouth onto Vinay’s massive cock. With an eager vigor, she sucked and tried to shove the cock as deep as she could down her throat.
“That’s it, baby. That’s it!” Vinay yelled.
Nikita only sucked it for maybe a half-minute before she pulled her head back — letting Vinay’s cock sensually slip out of her mouth — turned around, and clamped down on Nikhil’s cock.
She began suck his cock with even more vigor.
“Whoa, what a cock-slut!” Nikhil said as Nikita deep-throated him with ease, now that Vinay’s cock had loosened her up a bit.
For a good few minutes, Nikita then kept switching from cock to cock. She’d clamp down on mine, then move over to start slurping Nikhil’s, then she’d let Vinay fuck her face silly. Whenever she could get one of her hand’s free, Nikita would even start rubbing her pussy.
I’m sure all of us wouldn’t have minded if this blow bang lasted all night. Being a lot older now, it was quite welcome to have this little teen girl doing a lot of the work. But, we all wanted a turn at the rest of her young holes.
Nikita was busy sucking on Nikhil’s cock when I tapped Vinay on the shoulder.
“You think she’s ready to go?” I asked.
“Oh hell yeah,” Vinay said.
Nikhil, immediately realizing what we were talking about, gave us a thumbs up with one hand, as his other hand was guiding Nikita’s head as she continued to suck.
“Let’s just do it, just like old times,” I said. Vinay just nodded his head as a wicked smile came across his face.
I then went behind Nikita, picked her up, and threw her on the couch.
She looked up and at me but struggled to focus, being completely cock-drunk and all.
“There’s no turning back now, Nikita,” I said as I stroked my cock, surveying her ripe, perfect teen flesh.
“Just do me, Mr. Andy. Just stick it in,” Nikita said as she started to vigorously rub her pussy.
I then placed her into missionary position and moved my cock to the entrance to her pussy. I just let hover there for a few seconds as Nikita gazed at it, her eyes totally trained on the tip.
I then let the tip kiss her pussy lips.
“My gosh,” Nikita yelped out. “Is this really happening?”
“Oh yeah baby, here I come,” I said as I slowly let my cock be enveloped by her pussy.
“Oh God, oh God!” Nikita yelled.
More and more of my cock began to disappear inside her pussy. It was quite obvious that she was a virgin, since the fit was quite snug.
“Goddammit you’re tight, Nikita,” I said.
Nikita’s gaze was still on my crotch as she watched my cock make its way inside of her.
“You won’t say that after tonight, man,” Vinay said.
Nikita’s pussy lips finally reached the base of my cock, so I just held it there for a few seconds, letting her get used to the sensation.
“I can’t believe we’re doing this, Mr. Andy,” Nikita whispered in a sweet, innocent voice.
I reached out and caressed her face a bit. She looked up at me and smiled. I then started to pull out, then slowly pushed back in, letting Nikita feel every last inch of my cock.
She continued to stare at me as I slowly began pumping more and more.
“Oh yeah, oh my God,” Nikita said as my pumping began to pick up speed.
Nikita’s little breasts were jiggling up and down with each of my increasingly violent thrusts, a sight that drove me wild.
My thrusts started to become so hard that the sound of slapping flesh filled the room. All I could do was grunt at this point.
“Mr. Andys,” Nikita struggled to say. “Not too hard.”
“Oh, oh, oh, oh God!” Nikita yelled as I continued to fuck her rotten.
Nikhil then moved over to her front and forced his cock into her mouth. “Suck me off while he fucks you like the little slut you are.”
Nikita’s eyes opened wide, but she had no time to make any sort of decisions. Nikhil just began to fuck her mouth, leaving this little girl at the mercy of two old men.
I wasn’t about to let up, though. And seeing Nikita getting fucked in the mouth while I fucked her pussy sent me into overdrive.
My pounding got even faster. I could hear Nikita trying to say something, but she was muffled by Nikhil’s cock.
“Take it, take it, yeah baby, just take it,” I said as I continued to pump.
Nikita was finally able to get Nikhil’s cock out of her mouth, but only for a few seconds because Vinay pushed Nikhil out of the way and shoved his cock in.
I started to pummel her pussy, being that I loved the scene that was unfolding before me. Vinay managed to shove his massive cock almost all the way down Nikita’s throat as I continued to fuck her harder and harder. It drove me, and probably all the other guys, completely wild that this little girl had dirty old cocks so deep inside of her.
I could hear Nikita begin to cry, but I only pumped even harder. Nikita tried to push me and Vinay off, but her arms were just completely powerless.
After about a minute, Vinay finally pulled out of her mouth as she let out a scream.
“Oh God, oh God!” Nikita yelled.
“Yeah baby, are you cumming again?” I asked.
“Oh God!” Nikita continued to yell as her arms began to flail wildly. She tried to push me off, but my thrusts easily overpowered her.
“Look at her. She’s lost all control,” Vinay said, furiously stroking his cock.
“Yeah, she’s completely at our mercy,” Nikhil added.
Nikita quickly glanced around at the sweaty old men. Our eyes were completely fixed on her. The building could be burning down and we wouldn’t be able to take our eyes off of her.
She then tiled her head back in pleasure and let out another scream.
“Oh God, Mr. Andy. Oh God!” she yelled as I felt her pussy momentarily grip my cock even harder.
Nikita had orgasmed again.
“That’s what’s good about us old dudes, Nikita,” Nikhil said. “We know how to please a girl.”
I let my pumping slow as Nikita’s body grew limp.
“Oh baby, don’t think you’re done just yet,” I said as I finally let my cock fall out of Nikita’s pussy.
“Yeah, only Mr. Andy has had a turn at your sweet little pussy,” Nikhil said.
I barely took a step back and Vinay was already pushing me aside.
Instead of positioning himself at Nikita’s entrance, he picked her up.
“I think it’s time we moved to the bedroom,” Vinay said as he lifted the little girl up with ease.
He then walked up the stairs with her, carrying Nikita like she was a tired-out bride after a long wedding day. Nikhil and I followed closely behind, stroking our cocks with anticipation.
Vinay found the master bedroom and then threw Nikita on the bed.
“Nikhil, I think you’ll find what we’ll need for this next session in the drawer over there,” Vinay said.
Nikhil hurried over the drawer, opened it, and immediately let out an evil laugh.
“Oh yeah, we’re going to need a lot of this,” Nikhil said as he pulled out a big bottle of lube.
Nikita, who had gathered herself on the bed and was sitting in a position that allowed her head to rest on her knees, let out an audible gasp.
“Rock paper scissors for who gets to fuck her ass first?” Vinay said.
“Mr. Andy, you’re already eliminated because you got to fuck her first,” Nikhil said.
Vinay and Nikhil then played three quick rounds. Nikhil came up the winner.
“Shoot. Well, get her all nice and loosened up for me, OK?” Vinay said.
“You got it,” Nikhil said.
“Well, enough talking. Lube up and take your positions,” I said.
Nikita looked on in horror as Vinay and Nikhil squirted out lube onto their cocks, then turned their attention to her. They viciously stroked their cocks as they walked up to her and leaped onto the bed.
I was already edging from my session with Nikita, so I decided to just sit back and watch Vinay and Nikhil manhandle her.
Nikita gave almost no resistance as Vinay enveloped her, rolled her on top of him, then put her in a cowgirl position. He grabbed his cock as if it were some kind of heavy duty tool, positioned it at her entrance, then gave her a deep, piercing look right into her eyes.
“Regretting coming over yet, bitch?” Vinay said with a chuckle.
Nikita gave him an innocent, please-don’t-hurt-me look, but Vinay just devilishly smiled and quickly shoved his cock right up her pussy.
“Owww!” Nikita screeched.
“Still nice and tight,” Vinay said as he began to pound her.
Vinay worked up a good rhythm as the sound of slapping flesh again began to fill the room.
“You still haven’t made any of us cum,” Vinay said as he grabbed her head and pulled her in for a deep kiss. “Don’t forget the rules.”
“Yeah, you’re night isn’t even close to over, little girl,” Nikhil said as he slowly began to take up a position behind Nikita.
Nikhil’s eyes were completely focused on Nikita’s backside. With Vinay fucking her cowgirl style, Nikita’s ass was presented perfectly. Nikhil moved up right behind her and put a hand on her ass.
“You think she’s ready for this?” Nikhil asked Vinay.
Vinay barely diverted attention away from fucking Nikita. Instead, he just grunted, grabbed Nikita’s ass cheeks and spread them wide, opening up her ass hole in plain view.
“Damn that’s hot. Look at that pussy getting stretched by a cock, and look at ass hole ripe for the plundering!” I said as I began to stroke my cock a bit harder at the scene in front of me.
Nikhil decided it was time and grabbed Nikita’s ass with his other hand. With each hand holding an ass cheek, he leaned in and let his tip of his cock kiss her puckered butthole.
Nikita immediately tilted her head up and yelped.
“No, no, no! I change my mind. I don’t want to do this,” she yelled.
“Too late, bitch,” Nikhil said as he began to push his way in.
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Help me!” Nikita yelled. “Please, stop!”
Nikita’s cries for mercy only seemed to make Nikhil push even harder.
Within a few seconds, the entire length of Nikhil’s cock had disappeared into Nikita’s teenage ass.
“Please stop, you’ll be arrested for rape!” Nikita screamed.
Nikhil and Vinay would have none of it, however. They just began to pull and push their cocks in and out of Nikita’s holes. She tried to jump out, but both Nikhil and Vinay had a vice grip on Nikita’s body; Vinay grabbed her arms and made sure she couldn’t push away while Nikhil’s hands were firmly clamped onto Nikita’s ass.
“You’re not going anywhere,” Vinay said as he aggressively kissed Nikita on the cheek.
“And besides, you’re going to be thanking us after the night is over,” Nikhil said.
“You might be a little sore tomorrow,” Vinay said.
“Or for the next few days,” I said.
Nikita continued to yelp out and scream as Vinay and Nikhil stretched her two holes.
“Ow, ow, ow,” Nikita said with each pump from Nikhil. “Please, I’m begging you. Please guys, stop.”
Nikita began to lightly sob.
“Mr. Andy, please, help me,” Nikita pleaded.
“Can you shut this bitch up, Mr. Andys?” Nikhil said as he slapped Nikita’s ass, prompting another help from her.
“With pleasure,” I said as I began to walk over.
With Nikhil and Vinay pumping away, I made my way to the front of the bed. I jumped up and started standing right in front of Nikita’s head. I lightly caressed her head from her jaw and her eyes focused on me. Her light mascara had begun to drizzle onto her cheeks from the sobbing.
“Just enjoy the ride, baby,” I said.
I had no intention of helping her. She should have known what she was getting into.
“But, you guys… are just too much,” Nikita struggle to say.
“Well, we’re men, not boys, baby,” I said.
“And you’ll never go back to boys again,” Nikhil said as he slapped Nikita’s other ass cheek.
Nikita grimaced and let out another yelp, but she soon refocused on me as I continued to stroke my cock.
“Mr. Andy… Your cock… It’s just… So hard,” Nikita said as her gaze focused on my crotch.
I moved my cock closer to her face and continued to stroke.
“You know, your pussy juice is still all over it,” I said.
“Eww, gross,” Nikita said.
“You should give it a taste, I know you want to,” I said.
“Absolutely not!” Nikita quickly replied.
“I’ve been pretty near cumming. If you make me explode, that will shorten your night a little bit,” I reasoned with her.
Nikita let out a bit of a sigh as Vinay and Nikhil continued to fuck her holes.
“Well, okay,” Nikita said as she leaned forward and swallowed by cock almost whole.
“Now that’s a good slut!” Vinay said.
“All of her holes are now filled. Nice,” Nikhil said as his pumping began to pick up.
“Suck, like we taught you,” I said to Nikita as I slowly started moving in and out of her mouth.
With that, we became a machine. Each little hole of this little teen girl was stuffed with the massive cock of a middle-aged man. Nikhil would push in, Vinay would pull out, and I would thrust my cock down her throat.
“Yeah, bitch. Take it, take it!” Nikhil said as his cock stretched the walls of Nikita’s ass hole.
“Ugh… Oh… Owww…” Nikita struggled to say as my cock muffled her mouth.
“How do you like being sandwiched between a bunch of dirty old men?” I asked her.
Nikita couldn’t even respond. She hung on for dear life as Vinay and Nikhil alternated their bursts of hard fucking.
All that could be heard throughout the room at this point was the sound of slapping flesh, grunts and gasps, and the occasional yelp from Nikita.
A few minutes into her air-tight session, Nikita finally relaxed and just let us do whatever we wanted. Nikhil then began to pound her even harder, prompting me to pull my cock of out of her mouth to give her a little more air to breathe.
“You fucking whore. Just look at all these cocks in you,” Nikhil said as his fucking got rougher.
Nikita looked as if she had just got her second wind and tried to look back at Nikhil.
“Is that all you got?” she said.
“What?” Nikhil said, sounding rather surprised.
“I said fuck me harder, big boy,” Nikita commanded with growing confidence.
“You little whore,” Nikhil said, punctuating his last word by slamming his cock into Nikita’s ass.
Nikita moaned loudly, then looked down at Vinay who was still fucking her pussy with reckless abandon.
“You too, big boy. Is that all you can do with your freakishly big penis?” Gabriele challenged.
“I think she’s starting to like this,” Vinay said as he increased his rhythm.
While looking directly into Vinay’s eyes below her, Nikita reached out, grabbed my cock with a force I didn’t know she had, pulled it to her and swallowed it whole.
“Goddamn, what a whore,” Nikhil said.
Nikhil began to pound as if Nikita’s ass was the last ass he’d ever get to fuck. I began to worry for my little student’s ass, as Nikhil’s fucking could have easily ruptured something inside of her. But, Nikita took it and continued to moan.
“Fuck me, fuck me!” Nikita screamed. “I know you dirty old men love teenage sluts.”
Nikhil’s pounding reached a point of complete insanity.
After 30 seconds of the hardest fucking I’ve ever seen, Nikhil yanked his cock out, jumped off the bed, jumped up to the front, pushed me aside and shoved his cock into Nikita’s face.
“Taste your ass, bitch,” Nikhil commanded.
Nikita didn’t even flinch, she just stared at his glistening cock for a split second then swallowed it whole. Nikhil pulled out, then shoved back in and grabbed Nikita’s head, making sure her mouth was firmly sealed around his cock.
“Here I come, bitch!” Nikhil yelled as his body became stiff.
Nikita tried to pull back, but Nikhil grabbed her head with his other hand and made sure she couldn’t go anywhere. He grunted, signaling that his first load had exploded from his cock. Nikita gagged, but Nikhil wouldn’t let her go. He then shot a few more loads into her throat before he finally pulled out.
The second his cock slipped out of her mouth cum came erupting out like a volcano.
“Swallow it, swallow it baby!” Nikhil commanded.
Nikita just coughed and gagged, spitting the cum all over the place.
“Way to waste the good stuff,” Nikhil said.
Nikita continued to cough, but Vinay just kept fucking her. Cum and spit dribbled out of her young mouth. The absolutely dirty scene in front of me drove me wild.
“Look at you. You’re such a dirty little slut,” I said to Nikita.
I stepped back and surveyed our destruction. Cum was slowly drizzling out of Nikitas pussy, while her face was still pretty covered as well. Her body was covered in red splotches from where we all held on for dear life. Her knees were pretty red as well. I could only imagine how much her pussy would hurt in the morning, since we all had more than a few turns inside of it.
“So, did you have fun?” Nikhil asked.
“Totally,” was all Nikita had the energy to say.

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