Final Journey Religious Girl Radhika To Radhe To Randi

So the last fucking day got fucked up due to a bad joke I cracked And I WALKED OUT OF THE DOOR WITH A NEW NAME ‘Randi.
I went home, my mom read the puffiness in my eyes. I told am not keeping well and got myself locked in my room. Every time the phone rang, I thought it was Sanjay ji but I heard my mom chatting away, so knew it would either be friends or family. I decided to face whatever my life had stored for me. I consoled myself saying once his anger cools down, he will call her back. I took a hot water bath, poured it over my anal. It was hurting me. It stirred all the memories.
The next day on Monday how I was waiting at the bustop and I got in the crowded bus to find Sanjayji sitting on the aisle seat. I went to stand next to him, my hips touching his shoulder and his face was near my chest. I would then get out at the stop, but instead of walking along with him. Would trail back, he would leave the front door open. I would slowly enter ensuring nobody had noticed from the floor below.
He asked me to swing my hips and dance and remove my uniform. I would do that, and then go and sit on his lap and slide only to kneel and suck him.
He would then take me on the table I would lay sideways that I can suck him while he suck me. He would then get me down of the table bend me there and fuck me hard, he would ensure I have come multiple times. Then we would lay over each other, take a shower and then he would dress me and fuck me again with the uniform and I would go home with his cum in my pussy.
Tuesday : I got the seat next to him, he would touch me and then whispered me to lift myself. When I did that he had his finger inside my skirt and was fingering me. I had to control my squirm and giggles.
He then instructed “Today enter the house naked”.
He got down walked fast, as usual I trailed behind. I quickly sprinted to reach the floor and ensuring no one is seeing me I undressed myself. I was worried if any one walks over but I didn’t care.
He had not kept the door open, so I rang the bell once, then second time. Sanjayji wasn’t opening I was getting impatient then I rang again and Sanjay ji opened the door, he was standing naked. He hugged me and pulled me in.
‘Radhe, tu sach mein pagal hain”. Mein ne kahan aur sach mein nangi kadi hogayi, aur agar koi dekhtha tho?
“Sanjayji, Mujhe aapki kushi sabse important, I will do anything to see you happy to keep you happy”
The TV was on, he said I have got something special for you. He had a VCR, I saw him putting a cassette and the screen showed a woman with big breast. Sanjayji took me to the sofa and made me sit facing the tv. And then he jiggled my lil bigger but yet tiny breast. “I want yours to be like this”, oh! I would then fuck your breast” and the next scene showed how the man rubbed his penis over her breast and she had placed on her cleavage and the man holding her breast tight was fucking it.
“Would you want me to fuck you like this, Radhe?”
“Yes, Sanjayji!” I was shy but I loved the way he was talking dirty to me. I was getting aroused by the scenes unfolding in front of me. I then saw how the woman was sucking his penis.
“Radhe, see she sucks just like the way you do”. You suck the penis like an experience woman hence I asked you that day if you have watched Porn”
“Do you like sucking my penis, Radhe?”
I looked into his eyes, and then slide to kneel down and while the actress was sucking the penis. I started sucking Sanjayji’s cock.
Mmmmhhhh, hmmmmm is all what he said while I was giving me all the pleasure and sucking away all the stress from the day’s work. I was licking, kissing the soft spot which I found for Sanjayji was below the head of his shaft and whenever I licked it, Sanjay ji would breathe heavy, then I saw the actress rubbing it with her hand up and down.
“Radhe, she is masturbating him. Every morning when I am alone, I imagine you and masturbate. Today I want you to masturbate me”.
I started moving my hand delicately just like the way the lady was doing; I would also kiss the tip or lick the penis. Sanjayji covered my hand and started motioning it faster, I understood he was about to come, and I started motioning it faster.
‘Radhe, Radhe suck me, I am coming I am coming, I then placed my mouth masturbating him with my hand and sucking him with mouth I taste his cum, which from tasting acrid had started tasting sweet.
The next scene though the man had not come, was the lady being fingered.
But Sanjayji was tired. I hug him tight and placing his head over my chest, started stroking his hair, his head.
Sanjayji, you rest. I will leave.
“Hmmm” was all he said. Though I wasn’t content has I wanted to fuck him, but seeing the way he was lying I didn’t bother him. How I wish he could also suck me.
But I left, On reaching home, as usual I called sanjayji.
“Radhe, I am sorry. Today I couldn’t make you come.
“Its okay, I understand”, I could hear the actress moans, so the video was still on
“Radhe, you know the reason why the actress is moaning. She is touching her clit and fingering it while the man is watching her. Radhe, where is your mom?”
“She is in the kitchen”, I answered.
“Are you wearing your panty?”Radhe, I want to hear your moan, can you finger yourself and imagine me making you come.
“Sanjayji, its dangerous mom will see and I love when you finger me”.
“Radhe, for me. Slowly insert your finger, Have you inserted?”.
I was reluctant, but then ensuring I have my back face the kitchen so that mom can’t see me I inserted, “Yes, Sanjay ji?”
I heard mom asking if I have freshened, I told her no I am helping my friend with some notes.
‘Radhe, play with your clit?”
I started playing and let out a small moan aaaa
I was all wet and hungry below, and the feel of my finger on the clit felt magical.
“Now started rubbing yourself like I do and pinch them”
I started rubbing it hard like he would and pinch them. I was fingering my clit that I felt I am close to orgasm and I let out hhhhhh!! Mmmm!!! Aaaaa!! And I slowly let his name, Sanjayjiiii!!
I heard him say, “come Radhe come” and I was squirming as I felt I was coming. I held my leg straight. He then said ‘My Radhe, I love to hear your moans and all your sex sounds”
So I not only got my first phone sex, but also got my initiation into masturbation.
Wednesday – The third day as usual I trailed, sprinted third floors. By the time I reached the fourth. I had removed my skirt, my panty and unbuttoned my shirt dress and I was standing naked when the door was open.
Again the video was playing the scene was how this lady was lying on the sofa with one leg over the back rest. She was masturbating the man and had her finger inside her pussy. So I knew what Sanjayji wanted, I slept on the sofa, raised my left leg on the back rest took his penis in my right hand and my left finger in my pussy.. I was stroking both of us. The scene was so erotic. I was looking into Sanjayji’s eyes while playing with myself and him.
Then he laid 69 over me and we started sucking. . I could hear him slurp all the juice, i while swallowed his pre cum.
‘My sweet juice” and he would eat my pussy.
“Please eat me harder, Sanjayji, Please bite my clit. Sanjayji” I am coming, faster.. bite me”. I was becoming wild.
I started sucking his cock, I was squirming, as Sanjayji was biting, and pulling my clit driving me mad. Its been almost 24 hours that I was sex starved.
I then felt the river flowing, I climaxed and I felt my throat getting filled with hot juices, which I drank.
We both slept like that, then he got me over him and I was listening to his hear beats.
“Radhe, did you enjoy playing with your clit”
Hmm, is all I said, “but I want you to give me pleasure, you to touch me”.
“Radhe, when I saw you playing with yourself and masturbating me”. It was so erotic.
We took our shower, where I sucked him was hard again. He took me to the bedroom and made me ride him and I rode him mad.
After getting my fill, I dressed. He helped me wear my panty and buttoned my shirt.
As usual reached home, called to reach, we would have a phone sex. Like today I was sucking him and make him cum.
It’s the fourth day, Sanjayji was waiting near the cigretter stall. I went eagerly to him. He said Radhe you can’t come to my house as he has some friends coming over for drinks. But I wanted him.
“Sanjayji, today is Thursday. Mom and I go the Sai temple”. We can go to our place. Seeing my face, he said “take me to your house”.
I made up a plan and we left for my place. as I knew today being Thursday mom will go to Sai temple. I rang the bell waiting for my mom to open it, Sanjayji was fingering me. I was nice and soaked.
Mom opened the door, he removed his finger. I told mom, this is Sanjayji, my hindi teacher, he is helping me with my hindi. My mom did Namaste, and asked him to come inside. She made coffee for us. I quickly changed into a long skirt and tshirt, with no panty inside. When mom went inside, Sanjayji was finger fucking me… aaahhh, hmmm, he would then press the breast mounds. Mom came to front room and enquired if I am good in studies. He said I am the best student, only needs to work on her language.
Mom ‘Radhey,ikkadey yeh. Mom called me to the kitchen. “Mala mandir jayacha hota. Tu nahin yenar kha? (Radhey I need to go to Sai temple, won’t you come)
Aai, aaj nahin. Sir . Mom not today, Sir generally don’t come to any student’s house. I need to prepare for this elocution. We have to research the topic and accordingly practice. Mom said ok, how long as baba will come home in an hours’ time. And you know how he is?
Aai please, he is my teacher and helping me. I suggested him to come our home . But if you aren’t comfortable and don’t trust me I will ask him to leave. Mom said nahin ga, its just leaving a young daughter. Mom he is my father’s age infact older than him by maybe 6-7 years.
Mom said ok, she went to change and then saying Namaste to Sir and explaining that she needs to leave for the temple. Left.
The moment I locked the door Sanjayji carried me to my bedroom. He removed my tshirt, skirt. Hungrily started eating and biting my flesh. We did a 69, then turned me doggy and started fucking me. Then he made me lie side wise and he entered me side wise fucking him he was fucking me hard.
“Sanjayji, fuck me hard, how I missed you fucking me on my bed”. He was jerking I know he was close to come,
Sanjayj, come inside me. And he spurted his hot liquid extinguishing all my fire. He sucked me and ate me again. He asked me to wear my skirt and top and while he wore his shirt and pant. He put his underwear in his bag.
We sat on the sofa, and I was riding him. It was as if hiding inside myself. I wanted to come and asked him if he can fuck me hard.
He said bend over the sofa and was fucking me hard doggy style.
“Take it my Sex starved Radhe”
“Give me Give me more Sanjayji”. I let out a moan AAAAA. I know I came but Sanjayji too came inside me.
I sucked him clean and leaving his cum inside my pussy. I zipped him.
Sanjayji, you can come to my place for next two days as its Friday, Saturday. Mom has her appointment with all gods.
He kissed me and said “Greedy Radhe”.
I kissed him and said “Starving for Sanjayji”.
The door bell rang, I went to open the door, it was Baba. I introduced Baba to Sanjayji, who shook hand.
Same questions enquiring about my studies, I went to get coffee for Baba. Sanjayji said accha Radhika we will start the article tomorrow ok. You make the points we discussed today.
Baba scolded me for getting a man in the house when no one was there. I told him mom was there and I took her permission also the same story of how he is helping me and the emotional trust. Baba said ok and was convinced. So now with blessings of my Aai and Baba.
Sanjayji was fucking me in my house for the next two days. I brought up the topic of the gynec “We will go Wednesday as My wife will be back and anyways I can’t fuck you”.
Sunday I reached his place by 10. I as usual entered the house naked. I saw there was Whiskey bottle kept. He was drinking. “Radhe, my jaan you have come, now make me a drink he ordered” . He showed me how to make his drink then he sipped some and kept his lip over mine and asked me to drink it. I drank, it was burning inside my throat and chest. Then he poured some whiskey over my breast and started sucking me..
‘Mmm, I want whiskey from your boobs”. Then he asked me to lay and spread my leg he dropped few whiskey on my clit and started sucking it as the whiskey was burning me. He then took some ice and started applying it over my clit, my vagina.
Mmmhhhh, I moaned.
He then took a nice cube placed it over my hole and started pushing it. He was fucking me with the ice. I was squirming with pleasure, the cold ice over my already burning vagina was making it feel so hot.
Then Sanjayji slept 69 and while I was sucking him, he was eating me hot.
Mmmhhh!!! Hhhhhmm, I moaned I climaxed while I drank his juice.
“Radhe make me one more drink, I made him his drink. But instead of giving him his glass, I took as sip and made him drink it from my mouth.
“Radhe, Radhe, you always know how to make this old man happy”
He took few more sip, the whiskey was making me light headed. I then don’t know if I slept off as I could feel I was fucked. When I woke up Sanjay ji was sleeping besides me. Having keeping me hugged and close to him.
I woke up I was having a bad headache. Feeling we wake up.Sanjayji woke up and said “my sex starved Radhe suck me”
I sucked him, then he asked me to ride him I was riding, I went on all fours and asked him to fuck me. And having got my pussy filled I collapsed again sleeping on his chest.
“Radhe, we got only two days.”
I want to fuck you like crazy, again he mounted me and started fucking me. This time he fucked me for twenty minutes. And then he deposited his cum inside.
We had a wild fuck day were he fucked me till I couldn’t take it. I was swore and red. We took our shower, he helped me dress and after sucking him and drinking his cum I left.
Monday, I trailed in the house, again the video was on. But this time it was one lady with two men or one man with two women.
“Radhe, how I wish you and my wife fuck me like this” and if you were married I would have fucked you with your husband”
There were scenes of anal sex, double penetration all making me a little scared. Sanjayji, I can’t see you fucking someone else before me and please don’t talk like this I don’t like.
“Radhe, my innocent baby I was kidding. Though I want to show you to the world as no man my age can expect to fuck a girl like you. You are my personal possession”
Tomorrow was the last day, we wanted to make it special. I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking how to pleasure him, I had decided to finger fuck his Anal like I did the first time and I would also let him finger fuck my anal. But the evening had something else stored. A bad joke, took away all the humor from my life.
I never knew it will come to this; His word ‘Randi’ was pricking me. I was worried has it was time I go to some gynec before it becomes too late.
Next day I went to school, I wasn’t interested. I left school to catch the bus only to find he wasn’t there.
I thought I will go to his house but then today his wife would be there. I reached home, I called his number and a lady answered I asked for Radhika and she said Radhika, no one by that name wrong number, I heard his voice asking ‘kisska phone hain”.
“Wrong number, Koi Radhika.khe liye pucha”
I did not call him again. I use to catch the same bus everyday but he wasn’t there.
I was getting frustrated, my pussy was starving of sex. I tried masturbating myself but that didn’t helped. I got a gynec’s appointment through my school friend, and I went to the gynec, told her that I had sex with my boyfriend. The doc gave me a lecture and wrote me some pills. She also tested me to check if I was pregnant. God had saved me, even with so much semen deposited in my womb I did not become pregnant.
It was almost 15 days post I last met Sanjayji. I thought it was all over. But the itch I had developed, I needed to soothe it. I did not see Sanjay ji for the next one month. The distance was driving me crazy. My exams were nearing and I wasn’t able to concentrate in my studies. All I was thinking about how we use to fuck. It was just a week before my exams, as usual I went to the busstop, it was Thursday, I first thought I was dreaming. But then I realized it was him Sanjayji I freezed he came up to and asked “kaisee hain”
Then we missed the bus, he called for auto I sat and then he kept his finger on my pussy and whispered, “isse kissi jawan ne nahin choda”. I replied with a no by shaking my head.
He again whispered “kyon”? I said Sanjayji, “mujhe maaf karo, don’t punish me this way” I started crying. He surprised me by raising my chin and kissed me”.
He kept French kissing while pressing my boobs, the rickshaw driver was enjoying the scene from the mirror. I was responding Sanjayji’s kiss. He took my hand and placed it on his. I was feeling penis. I didn’t realize he stopped it at my Bus stop. He paid the rickshaw driver and walked with me home. Mom was surprised again, I said my exams are coming so sir agreed to help me for two days, Mom made some snacks and coffee and left.
As soon as mom left, “Suck me” I kneeled and sucked him and he came in my mouth. He said “Tomorrow I will pick you from your busstop in the afternoon. Don’t go to school for two days”. I was excited he wore his clothes and left. Didn’t even kiss me and no attempt of making me come.
I called up my school friend and lied that I have to go out of town for two days and will only return on Sunday so to take notes for me.
Dad was home, I lied that we friends have decided to do a group study for two days and had they go for Private classes I need the notes. My parents believing me gave me permission. I reached the bus stop with my bag carrying some inners and extra pair of clothes. Sanjayji picked me in a taxi. Then he said hotel ‘Sun and Sand’ I knew it was in one of the best hotel near Juhu beach. He kept kissing me, and fingering me while I was stroking his penis. I am sure the taxi driver was getting turned on.
Like a lamb I again followed him after he paid the taxi driver, it was one of a little expensive kind of hotel. Near a beach. But then I thought he had missed me so much hence he is getting me here. The moment we were taken to our room. The waiter gave me a dirty look. Sanjayji tipped the waiter and also gave me some money to buy him a whiskey. The room had a outer room with a TV and vcr and some old movie cassette and a bedroom
Sanjayji, unbuttoned my shirt and kissing me undressed me.
Then he sat on the bed, and I kneeled wearing only my school shoe and sucked him. He tried fingering me and said ”your pussy feels tight”. I kept sucking him.
Then there was a knock on the door, Sanjayji was not wearing his shirt and pant as I had undressed him. He was only in his brief and he opened the door like that. I was ashamed.
What will the waiter think? Sanjayji thanked him and closed the door. Asked me to make him a drink, I made and was about to take a sip he said give it to me. He gulped his drink.
“Jaa bed mein lait” he laid over me in 69 he was eating me. I was moaning and humming. I was nearing my climax and I also felt Sanjayji jerking his semen in my mouth.
After that he got up. I was still sleeping. I heard a knock again. Sanjayji, took a towel covered himself while I covered myself with the blanket.
He opened the door and I heard him say” aaiye aaiye sir, please come in”.
I was frozen whom is he asking to come. Doesn’t he know I am here.
I heard the man asking “aayi woh”?and I heard him “Radhika bahar aao”. I felt I heard it wrong. Then Sanjayji came to the bedroom and pulled me to the room, I was only wearing my school shoe. I was exhibited to another old man who was almost his age but a little stouter and heavy on his stomach.
The other man seeing me had his eyes jutting our “Acchi hain, ekdum kavli kali” I was trying to cover my nakedness.
When Sanjayji said, “Yeh Mr. Kapoor, mera boss hain”. He pushed me towards the man standing. The old man was now holding me and caressing me. I stepped behind not knowing where to run.
I had tears my world had demolished. What is he saying what is he doing. I left the old man’s hold and went towards Sanjayji. He held me and whispered, Randi, sun. Yeh mera boss hain, isse kush rak warna. I said I wont do it Seeing this the old man asked if I was a whore, Sanjayji replied before I can. Ekdum experience wali hain. Ek minute. He took an envelope and showed me. I collapsed. He had pictures of me sucking him and also he fucking me doggy. He also passed the pictures to Mr. Kapoor
“Sir, iss khe chut mein bahut aag hain, isse hum jaise bhujurg se hi chodna pasand hain”. Aap bus apna maan behel le na isse, mein aake Sunday le jaunga.
The old man had pinned me to him, I begged him to leave me. Sanjay ji was dressing up. I ran to him leaving the clutch of the old man. “Sanjayji, please don’t make me this”?Please. Dekh Randi, chup chap maan ja, aur isse kush kar mera promotion iske haat mein hain. Aagar yeh mujhe promote karenge tabhi tho mein ek biwi aur ek randi kho paal paunga. Chal ja uske god mein beith and use achi tarih kese tuje chusne de. Sunday tujhe le jaunga.
Aur agar tu nahin mana, yeh photo tere baba aur aai kho dekhaunga. I succumbed to my fate. Chal aachi randi jaise apna pehla customer kho kush kar.
I just fell on my knees, Sanjayji had left. I could feel Mr. Kapoort pulling my pig tail, I crawled to him. He raised my chin and kissed me. With lot of reluctance I kissed him back.For those two days Mr. Kapoor fucked me like a rag. I too took him to doors of heaven. Except for anal I let him fuck every inch of my body. He kept saying that he will make me his mistress and took my home number.
Sunday when Sanjayji arrived, I was sucking Mr. Kapoors cock we were in a 69, Mr. Kapoor was addressing me as Radhe, and asked me open the door and resume my position. I obeyed. I opened the door it was “Sanjayji”. I let him in and like instructed by Mr. Kapoor went to suck his cock while he got back to sucking mine. I was asking him to eat me, eat me Sir. I was convulsing and I drank his cum that was spurting from Mr. Kapoors penis. Sorry my idol.
Mr. Kapoor said ‘Sanjay, thank you kha cheez diya. Saali se dil hi nahin barta”.
Sir mujhe pata tha aapko yeh acchi lagegi.
Sanjay rukho bus 10 minute
Radhe, chalo and we walked into the shower and Mr. Kapoor was drying me and also gave me a gift a cross pen I was so excited.
I thanked him on his lips. I got dressed and left with Sanjayji. On our way home Sanjayji said “tere liye aur bhi hain line main”. Tujhe mein ek number ka randi banoonga. Mr. Kapoor Sir wants to be with you again.
“Next week I have my exams, I already told Sir about it. Sanjayji said okay after your last exam I will pick you. I resigned to my fate and agreed.
My exams went well and as usual I was sure I would score the highest. Last day I told my parents it was my best friends Sister’s wedding in Pune and exams are over I would be going directly from school. I left again on Friday and till Sunday I was Mr. Kapoors fuck doll, but this time I let him fuck me on my anal too.
Sunday evening. Sanjayji came to pick me, this time I was riding Mr. Kapoor. Who was laying on the bed
“Arrey Sanjay” yeh kabhi takthi nahin hain.
“Sir, issliye mein ne aapse Viagra tablet kaane kho kahan. Mein tho 2 goli leta tha isse chod ne se pehle”.I realized it was all planned by “Sanjayji”, But it was too late.
“Sanjay, mein tho tak gaya, magar isse aur chodna hain” I was bouncing on his penis but as he had the tablet sometime back I know he wouldn’t come.
Mein madad karu, Sir.
“Haan karo, Sanjay?
Sanjayji removed his clothes and was naked.
Kapoor Sir, aap isse kaske pakadiye. Before I could understand.
Sanjayji, bent me over Mr. Kapoor’s chest. Mr Kapoor was also holding me tight then. I felt Sanjayji raise my hip and before I could get out of the clutch. He inserted his penis inside my anal.
“Nahin!! No!!! nO!!!puhlease I will die”. Sanjayji no no, Sir please no. ”
I was trying to squirm. But then both had pinned me like a chicken and was now humping me. With every push that Sanjayji would push me on Mr. Kapoors penis further. Oh I forgot to mention. Mr Kapoor’s penis was bigger than Mr. Sanjay and just like his paunch it was fatter. Now both were fucking me hard.
Aaahhhh, faster, puhlease faster, harder sir is all I was saying as I had started enjoying. I was close to my climax the way I bend down to kiss Mr. Kapoor and he was now biting and chewing my lips while pressing my breast.
Sanjayji was humping me hard and was now grunting AAAAA… I was already convulsing and didn’t realize when I got into a trance. I could feel Sanjayji;s hot juices filling my Anal. Mr, Kapoor was now biting my nipples and shooted his liquid inside. I just remained sandwiched between two paunches. Sweating. I felt Sanjayji lifting from me. He left for the bathroom to clean his dick. I slid down and now like a professional Whore sorry ‘Randi’ started sucking Mr. Kapoor’s penis clean. I helped him out of the bed and we had our shower.
“Radhe, I got you a gift and he handed me a diary”. I thanked him and kissed him sucking his lips.
“Radhe, I don’t feel like leaving you”, I told him now my exams are over I can come whenever you need me.
I left with Sanjayji in the taxi, when I reached home. Sanjayji, said “aaj tune mera ek aur aadhoora wish pura kiya”.
And I replied aur aapne mujhe Radhika se Radhe, aur aaj ek Randi banaya. Sanjayji “aap bata deejiye kahan aana hain mein aa jaongi”
“Arrey Mr. Kapoor kho tuj pe dil aagaya unho ne kaha hain tu unki rakhel hain”
I smirked. Mera ek joke ne muje RADHE SE Rakhel banaya.
My parents never doubted my whereabouts as my studied never got affected. By the time I cleared my high school a distinction and got admission into the best college of my time. I also told my parents I am working part time as it will help me share the expense. My parents were proud of me.
Friends for seven years, at such tender age I became Mr. Kapoor’s mistress. I use to be his gateway for all important orders. He has shared me with his 4 best friends and I was fucked by all 5 of them at Mr. Kapoors Farmhouse. There was always one room booked for me fucking his friends, his clients and his son’s . Yes I had my share of double and also threesome.
After every session, I was gifted with Pens, diaries, very interesting books, foreign chocolates and pocket money, beautiful dresses. Mr. Kapoor ensured I don’t get pregnant. I finished my graduation and was working in Mr. Kapoor’s office taking care of marketing and PR needs
Sanjayji got his promotion and then after couple of years retired. I never slept with him after the twosome episode, except once post my marriage. My first cheating episode.
I know ISS is a place where people want to write or rather brag about their sexual stories.
I used this platform to relive my past and let it go.
I thank ISS for sharing this platform, I know my story are lengthy, and thankful to my readers as they are always encouraging.
My next episodes would be my adventure as Mr’Kapoor’s Radhe. Right from the day we met first to all the other escapades I enjoyed with him.
Final Journey Religious Girl Radhika To Radhe To Randi

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