Long Waited Chance With Anushka Continuation

Hello friends. I will continue my story with Anushka on how I tried to lure her towards me and look for an opportunity to fuck her. Things were getting out of control. Anushka often stayed at our home when her husband used to go out on official tour. She was staying around me and I was not getting any chance to seduce her and get her beneath me. Whenever she took bath and comes out of the bathroom, her nice fragrance was making me horny.
The litter water drops falling from her hair on the face was making her real sexy lady on the earth. Her body was getting more attractive, with nice juicy curve in front and well shaped ass. Friends, it was not possible for me to make any advancement for having sex with my sexy Anushka. Time went by and almost after two years Anushka left Nagpur, since her husband got transferred. To her luck she was back to her favourite place, Delhi.
She was thrilled to get back home after longtime. I was really disappointed, as I saw the end of my dream to fuck my girl, my first love. Yes, I loved her very much, in spite of my lust for her, I would like to have her as my wife and not as a slut. It was becoming very difficult for me to imagine my life without seeing and talking to Anushka. It was almost five years and I completed my Post graduation and my first job placement was in Jaipur.
It was like my dream getting a new life line. After joining at Jaipur I visited Anushka’s house in Delhi. I was thrilled in my mind to meet Anushka, how she would be looking and started imagining her steamy body and curves. In the last five years there was lot of development in Anushka’s married life. I learnt that she had almost separated from her husband and they were no more together. I was not having any idea what had happened why Anushka separated from her husband.
As I know her, she was much matured and would compromise to maximum extent in her life. Something extreme would have happened, that she decided to live separately. I reached Anushka’s place and to my bad luck, she was not available at home, she had gone to office for some urgent work. I met her parents, they were happy to see me as they were meeting me almost for the first time. Anushka’s brother Shyam was at home, he was two year younger to me and we were friends in no time.
Suddenly the door bell started ringing, and my heart started pounding very fast, I started imagining about Anushka. Her brother opened the door and there she was, my dream girl. Anushka was very delighted to see me and greeted me with a pinch on my cheeks and said I changed a lot and put on little weight. Her sexy curves in front were well shaped, still for 5 years time period, she looked sexy and well maintained.
She had put on weight at right places her ass had become round and looked more steamy then before. It looked mouth watering and just fit for my big dick to get into her hole. Just looking her I got hard in my pants. Anushka looked very dull and gloomy, she had lost her charm. Well it is understood; her life is totally tarnished and very bad shaped. I cursed her husband who spoiled the entire sexy image of my sister which I had imagined I my mind.
She also did not look very jovial as she was earlier and always remained in her room. I was very disappointed but and also felt that my chance of getting her now seemed impossible as she is not even talking to me as usual how I can imagine for fucking her. I spent the weekend there and left to Jaipur. Other side of it was, she had a bad marriage for last 2-3 years, it means she would not had sex with her husband for long and her urge to get her satisfied with sex would be high.
Only thing was how to get her in my groove. It thought the best way was to take advantage of situation and exploit her emotionally. Initially I decided to keep in touch, by visiting her place regularly atleast once monthly and start my talking terms with her. Once I insisted Shyam to go for a movie and ask Anushka to join us. Shyam managed to convince Anushka and we three went for a movie. In movie hall I managed to sit beside her.
During movie accidently I touched Anushka’s hand, there was a shocking wave inside my body. I suddenly lifted my hand and changed my position; during movie often I would to touch her. Then we planned for a lunch, we reach hotel and suddenly, Shyam got call from his friend and he had to leave. She insisted that we have lunch since we already were sitting in restaurant. It was a golden chance for me, that I was sitting with my girl and no one to disturb us. I thanked her for coming out for a movie.
Anushka: I enjoyed the movie and your company as well.
Me: I planned the movie for you only
Anushka: Why?
Me: Whenever I come here, you always remain gloomy and you do not speak to me as earlier
Anushka: You know, things are not fine with me
Me: I enjoyed you company, when you visited Nagpur first. I am very disappointed by seeing you like this.
Anushka: tears started coming out of her eyes
Me: Didi I did not mean to hurt you, you are my only sister. I was very happy to get you as my sister
Me: I would do any thing to get cheer back in your life.
Anushka: I am very happy that you care for me.
Me: I asked her to forget every thing and live in present. You are very loving, mature and bold girl. Do not give up. I do not know what has happened and I would not like to know as well.
Anushka: I do not want to speak on this further.
Me: Ok didi
Anushka: you tell me know is life and how is your job
Me: Job is going on fine and tough. I feel very lonely after coming back from office.
Anushka: Why?
Me: No one to speak. I stay alone
Anushk : Take my number and call me whenever you feel lonely
The idea worked and finally I got chance to speak to her on mobile whenever I wish. We had our lunch and we were coming back in bus. In bus we both were standing, I was standing behind her, with brakes and bump my dick was constantly touching her ass and my dick suddenly become hard. We reached home and I went back to Jaipur. I regularly used to talk to Anushka and I used to often tell be always happy. She thanked some smile back her life and while talking to me she feels relaxed and forgets everything.
Once I had to attend a marriage of our relative in Lucknow and Anushka was also attending the same marriage, since they were common relative to us. Shyam was on study tour in south India and her parents could not accompany her as well. Anushka’s father asked me to come to Delhi and accompany Anushka to Lucknow for marriage. I was thrilled, as I will get chance to be with her for 2-3 days and get more close to her. I reached Delhi and we had to travel by Volvo bus to
Lucknow, it was a night trip. We both had our seat next to each other. Anushka was wearing a pink tight t-shirt and Capri. Her boobs were trying to explode out of her t-shirt and ass and looking tight in capris. She was looking very sexy in this attire. We were talking casual, but my heart was beating very fast, that my dream girl is sitting next to me and very soon she will sleep next to me naked. It was getting very cold due to A/C. They had given us blankets.
Anushka was shivering due to cold. Since the road was bumpy, there was constant jerking my hand would touch Anushka either on the edge of her boobs or on her lap near her pussy. I was feeling awkward and turned around on the other side so my hands would not touch her.
We both went into sleep; she was not comfortable due to the chillness. I turned again around and she was also facing me.
I put my hand around her and as if we both were hugging each other and sleeping. We both were under blanket. I realized I am hugging my dream girl and it was opportunity to explore her body. Slowly I took my hand from her back and slowly started caressing her boobs. I slowly I lifted her t-shirt and started rolling my hand on her bare stomach. Her tummy was flat and in shape. My dick got hard and it was very difficult to control.
My hands slowly started going up her body and by the time she changed her position. She turned her back towards me. I again lifted her t-shirt slowly and bottom I saw her panty strip. As usual, she wore only branded lingerie. It was pink colored and sexy laze on its border. Situation was getting hotter; it seems she was not comfortable with chillness since my touch was making her hot inside. I heard she was moaning when I caressed her body.
I could not proceed further, I did not want to loose her at this stage. I knew I would get her very shortly. I controlled and tried to go for sleep. Morning I woke up she was sleeping holding my hand and her head was rested on my chest. We reached Lucknow and our relative had booked room for us to stay. Since we reached late we had to accommodate in one room. We had to take bath and reach at marriage venue.
I said to her you may take bath, since you will take time to get ready. I knew she will have to come out of bath room to wear her grand saree. As I thought, she came out of bathroom in marooned colored blouse and petticoat. She was having the same fragrance and I was just getting aroused. She was looking dam sexy with whitish complexion and maroon colored dress. I was unable to control myself and went to bathroom.
She had washed sexy lingerie that she wore yesterday night, the one with pink colored lace on it, I tried to smell her panty to check whether the sweet smell of her cunt juice was there due to yesterday nights act. The aroma of cunt juice and detergent soap smell was making me horny. I masturbated all my feeling I had yesterday night and today morning, think that I will get a golden chance in near future to fuck my dream girl.
I came out and she was in her elegant saree attire and she was looking a stunning Indian beauty. I said her you look so beautiful in this attire. She thanked me and asked her to help to align the saree properly. I held the saree from top fold and inserted my hand through the saree and touched her navel area and pulled the bottom area to align with the petticoat. She thanked by pinching on my cheeks. I loved it and we both went for the marriage. Throughout the marriage I was staring at her.
In the marriage some of our relatives started talking some nonsense about Anushka and said that because of her behavior, her husband had not staying with him. She does not possess good character and had some illegal affairs in office. Some of this talk reached Anushka’s ear as well and she became very disappointed and went back to our room crying. I went behind her and she was crying very badly. I imagined how happy she was in morning and now she is crying like this.
I tried to console her and she was not in a mood to listen to me and asked me leave her alone. I asked her to tell what the truth behind the problem with her husband is and why she has separated from him. She just became furious and said how dare you ask me such question? I do not want to share anything like that with you. It is my personal problem? Who are you to ask me this entire question; you may leave this room now.
I went out and was very disappointed with her behavior and my all efforts s to get her closer was getting lostWe were to return back next day after halting of one night here. But, when I came back she said, we will go back today night itself and try for a bus ticket. I managed two bus ticket and we returned back to Delhi. I said sorry to her for what I had asked for. Whole journey she did not speak to me and I was very much disappointed with entire episode.
Anushka seeked apology for yesterday’s behavior to me I said, it’s ok from her mother I got to know about the true side of her life. Anyhow I will not go through that in this part. I went back to Jaipur and Anushka also did not speak to me on mobile after that. Things were getting very tough for me. I realised that I am no one in her life and i have no chance of getting her unless I make some hasty steps.
I do not want to do anything like that with her and I do not have courage to do such things. Ultimately I loved her. Everything was once again lost for me. After six months, my marriage was fixed and I started full filling my desire with my wife. Though I loved my wife but I could not forget my first love Anushka and thought that I will never get chance to fuck my dream girl. The destiny once again showered mercy on me and I got transferred to Delhi. I and my wife used to visit for Anushka’s place.
Again I made plan to seduce by showing more love to my wife in front of her. After a year my wife went to her place for delivery and again I was alone and started visiting Anushka’s place on every weekend. Dear friends, I know the story is getting too long and nothing much exiciting as well. I had to wait for long 10 years to get my girl. I have to express all my feeling i had gone through in the process of getting her. Next episode will have interesting fucking sessions i enjoyed with Anushka. I am moment away from the how I finally succeeded in getting Anushka and how I made her my second wife.

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