Sex Encounter With My Chachi

This all happened about a yea back when i use to live at Allahabad my native place n my father decided me to send Bhopal for my college coz i have fallen with some bad companies there that’s why he decide me to send to his younger brother i.e. My chacha who lives in Bhopal with his wife his son who studies in a boarding school n my grandmother…My chacha is a businessmen who uses to travel here n there most of the time for business concerns n deals…So all i was left at home with my chachi n grandmother…
I started going my college and several months went off and also i started getting very close to mah chachi we talk together hours n hours n also she cares 4 me a lot but till den i don’t have any bad intentions about her but
One day while i was making some notes for my college suddenly phone rang it was mah chachi’s phone which she left or forgot at hall i received the call it was her friend Jyoti’s call i told her to wait for a minute n i ran upstairs at my chachi room n suddenly pushed the door which was not closed properly after reaching inside the room i was shocked and my eyes left open coz she was changing n was half naked that time wearing only salwar n her sexy n busty boobs are in front of me n i m standing there only just admiring her assets instead of leaving the room den she quickly turned around facing her back towards me n asked in a blur voice what happened i replied there’s a call 4 u she said keep the damn thing on the table n leave…
I left the room quickly n thought that she might be angry with me n at the same time the semi naked view or image of her was popping around mah mind…But till den also i don’t had any bad intentions about her therefore i forget everything n started making my notes but i was not able to concentrate on it n started feeling guilty after sum time she came with two cups of coffee n gave one to me n sat beside me on the sofa n started staring at me but i was not able to face her or not able to watch towards her coz of shame den she said come on forget everything what happened recently it was not your mistake but mine i should have closed or locked the door properly in ways leave all that…I also relieved after hearing that n also the burden of mah heart reduced…
But i was not able to sleep that night coz that seen has again started popping around my mind n dis time i felt a kind of current running inside me n mah mind started getting dirty n naughty i masturbated many times that night n from den onwards mah mind got mischievous n heart got naughty about her…
I started getting closer to her n want to fuck her anyhow therefore started noticing her curves shapes her melons n also started touching her assets acting that it was happened by mistake or accidentally.
Day by day the desire of fucking her was increasing inside me n i decided to fuck her at any cost…
I continued touching her here n there and admiring her assets somehow she started noticing me n my acts n still she doesn’t reacts n dis strengthened the root of my desire of fucking her now i started pressing n touching her boobs n hips more boldly still she doesn’t reacts…
That seemed that she also want me to pleasure her but hesitating to say or show her feelings…
That’s the time for me to fulfill my desire of fucking her.
One day while she was at her room i went there n locked the door 4m inside she asked why you locked it i remained silent n grabbed her into my arms tightly n started running my hand here n there throughout her back she pushed me n shouted at me but i grabbed her so tightly that she was not able to resist n den quickly i pushed her on the bed n started kissing on her lips gently n also started pressing her boobs with my right hand she putted all her power but she failed to push me apart now i started kissing n biting her lips more passionately n i could feel the taste of her blood coming out from her lips inside my mouth then slowly2 her screams turned into soft moan…That made me even more wilder n i removed her top n bra and started squeezing her boobs n nipple n started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples and she was getting more horny n started moaning loudly then i kissed her neck bitten her earlobes n den i slipped onto her navel n sucked it den removed her salwar n removed her panty n started sucking n biting lips of her pussy then i entered two of my fingers inside her pussy and fucked her with fingers she started moaning more loudly and the juices are cumming outside her pussy i drank n sucked up it all n she pushed my mouth harder inside her pussy den she stood up removed my pants and took up my dick into her hands and starting giving me a blowjob i cummed inside her mouth n on her face then again she licked mah dick and n played with mah balls n also sucked it den she laid down on bed n guided my tool into her pussy i entered into her slowly then gave a hard jerk and entered completely and she shouted loudly then i started pushing my tool slowly in n out after sum time i cummed inside her n took mah tool out n laid down upon her really her choot was so tight despite of being a mother n also she might not be fucked for a long time the upper skin of the top of my dick is burning n aching..
After resting about 15mins, we again continued n now i lay down on the bed she sat across me holding my dick n guiding it into her pussy i fucked her about 10mins. Dis time n we both cummed…After half an hour i putted my dick on her hips and rubbed on it n started entering it into her asshole but she told me please don’t do that i asked why not you’ll have great joy and pleasure she replied but it will cause me a lot of pain i replied wait I’ll not let u to be in pain i got up n took some cream n poured it into her asshole n also applied some on my penis den i hold her in doggy style by cupping her boobs at the back and slowly entered my dick inside with a sudden jerk i entered fully n then i started slowly n then increased my pace n fucked her asshole for 10mins. I was on mah top n enjoyed a lot fucking her specially her ass….
Till then i fucked her many times in all the possible ways n styles…She is a kind of thirst 4 me that will never ends.

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