Jaya - the Woman of Lust

There was a coupel who came to stay in rent. The guy worked as a pimp in a nearby lodge and was rich because of the instant commission he made. The wife was a housewife. Her name was Jayamani, a 25 yr old lady 12 years younger than her husband. Jayamani had a sexy slim, typical horny bhabhi type figure which we guys always masturbate on and dream to fuck. She had fat in the right places and good curves. I call her Jaya.

Initially she did not know Hindi but I taught her. I would always call her to watch Hindi movies on cable. My younger brother, and I would also invite her to play carrom board. At times when she would bend to hit the striker, her pallu would go of to one side to and her rich ripe cleavage would show up. One day while watching the movie, I had put 'kuch kuch hota hai' the shot which has Rani Mukherjee's entry. The camera focusses on her butt as she walks.

She commented,"Rani ki gand badi hai na". My face drained off color as I heard her wicked comments. Nobody was there in that time. I had asked her how did she know the backside is called gaand in hindi. She gave a sexy smile and said,"Uncle(her husband) taught me." I asked her if she knew the other dirty words. She nodded and said she knew words like rand, chinaal, chutiya, chooth, lund etc. When she used those words, my own lund became hard like rock. It was sounding so stimulating when she uttered those words. However she did not know what is lauda(erect cock) and bhosda(fucked cunt). I told her. One day I had by mistake switched a channel in which there was a blue film going on. The man was sucking a lovely woman's chooth. She blushed and I switched the channel immediately since my mother was in the kitchen. Jayamani's eager eyes suggested that she wanted to see more. I thought that I would definitely fuck this horny bitch and teach her a 'big' lesson.

One of those days, I had seen Jayamani aunty getting fucked by her husband through the peep hole of my door. She had just pushed her saree up and wrapped her thighs around his back while he pumped furiously in her. When he came, I saw his cock(big but not as fat as mine) fully coated with Jayamani's cunt juices. I thought what a bastard he was, Jayamani is such a horny cunt atleast her husband could have given her a nice long fuck instead of just jumping and pumping. Then he slept soundly while Jayamani fingers were at the crotch of her saree rubbing. I knew she was masturbating secretly to her own orgasm.

By the way Jaya had a kid of four and a half years at that time. One day Uncle and her were supposed to go to Andheri at his boss's place. I don't know why he called me but I went along with them. Then I understood it was Jaya's birthday and she wanted me to come along with them. The kid also was there with them. We had a big party that night. My friend opened a bottle of Black Label and Jayamani made chicken curry. The uncle offered me to take some drinks but Jaya scolded him saying that he is a school going child, how can you tell him to drink? Since I was a teetotaller I only enjoyed the delicious chicken with rice. I complimented Jaya on her cooking and she thanked me. However, I saw that she was not quiet happy with her husbands drinking. Murugan her husband was a heavy drinker. He consumed nearly six pegs that night and was wavering when he left us. I caught hold of him and took him to his bedroom. Jayamani thanked me again.

That night I was thinking about Jaya. She was a simple tamilian housewife. She was thin, wheatish complexioned. But her boobs were medium. She had an exquisite figure and carried herself elegantly. She had well-shaped buttocks and had luscious firm and swaying rounded ass. However, I soon forgot about her and slept a disturbed sleep. When we returned back in the journey, I was with Jaya cracking jokes and speaking about movies. When her husband was not looking we cracked dirty jokes and she smiled and gave a sexy grin at the punchlines of the jokes.

Her husband got busy with the night shifts and he could not be available. My mom had gone to Malad to stay with my uncle. She would come in the evenings to catch water because the water pipe was in my kitchen. There was water problem for two days. This happened in May. On the third day, I woke up when I heard a knock on the door. When I opened I saw it was Jaya holding three buckets in her hand. She told me that water has come and we will have to store. So I went in the bathroom and brought our buckets and followed her to the tap on the street. Jaya filled up the water in all the buckets and I carried all them to our house. We did two more rounds of water filling and then Jaya went and brought steel container (Handi) to fill up the drinking water. She fixed up a filter on the tap and collected water in the steel container. I picked up the handi and placed it on her head. Some water spilled over and she was drenched. I begged pardon for my carelessness. She however ignored it.

When we reached home, the verandah was slippery with all the water which had spilled over. I took the broom and started to clean it. However, Jaya came running and took the broom from my hands and said "Oh, I will do this. This is not men's job." I said "I don't mind doing it. You complete all your other work". But she disagreed and cleaned the water from the verandah. I stood there looking at her thin figure. Her wet saree was clinging to her body and her exquisite figure was seductive. Her saree was stuck in between her buttock cleft and her two rounded buns were enticing me. Her panties outline was clearly visible. So were rivetted to the sexy figure in front of me. She caught me staring at her and shyly adjusted her palloo over her boobs. I was embarassed that she had caught me out.

I silently slid away and came and lied down on my bed. I was planning to go out and have lunch when she knocked and came in. She had brought dinner in a plate and put it on our reading tabel. I said "Jaya, I was going to out for dinner. You have unneccessarily taken trouble for my dinner". She replied "Its no trouble at all. Enjoy your food". I asked "Have you people had your food". She said "Rohit has eaten his dinner and has gone to sleep. Uncle has dinner in the hotel. I will have food now". I then blurted out "Then lets have it together". She was hesitant but did not want to hurt my feelings. She took my plate and went to their part of the room. I followed her. She had kept my plate on their dining table and she brought her own plate also. I sat down on the chair and she came and sat opposite me.

We were eating our food quietly. We were both conscious of each other and our proximity. She was immersed in eating her food and I was trying to gauge her emotions. I could see that she was flushed by my attention. Her bosom was heaving and her big boobs were rising up and down heavily. We finished our dinner and I went and kept my plate in the sink. As I turned I found her standing just behind me and I almost crashed into her. Somehow, we maintained our balance. I came out of the kitchen and waited for her. She came out and I said " Jaya, okay then. Thanks for the delicious dinner and your lovely company". She flushed and there was an expression of shyness in her eyes. The atmosphere had turned quiet sensuous. But we both did not move as if some divine magnet was pulling us towards each other. I stared in her beautiful eyes and she boldly stared back at me.

There was a mix expression of shyness, boldness, pleading, love, seduction and longing in her eyes. I went closer and she dissolved in my arms and hid her face in my shoulders. I embraced her tightly and kissed. I took her face in both my hands and was about to kiss her when she abruptly pulled herself away and ran away to her bedroom.

I followed her into her bedroom. Rohit was sleeping peacefully. I caught hold of her hand and gestured her to follow me. She came with me and instinctively closed the bedroom door. She came and sat on the sofa in the drawing room. I went and sat near her. I enquired " What happened Jaya?". She shook her head and said "Its not right. We should not do this things". I understood. She was a simple housewife caught in between her physical desires and social values. I did not want to seduce her for sex. I wanted her to willingly come to me to enjoy the pleasures of sex. I asked " It's your decision. I will not force anything. If you say yes, only then I am going to touch you".

We sat silent for quiet a long time. I saw many fleeting emotions and thoughts on her face. I could see the internal turmoil she was going through. I took her hand in my hand and asked "Come on Jaya, share your thoughts with me, may be I can help you". She said " I don't know, I am a very simple person. I have been very faithful to Murugan. He has also been a very good husband. He has loved me from the deep of my heart. We have had a very trusting and loving relationship. We have a very active sex life also. Till last few weeks, We have sex nearly daily. Murugan is a very highly sexed person. Normally When he has day duty, we have sex when Rohit goes to sleep. Sometimes two-three time a night. When he has second shift, he comes back at 11.00 in night. Rohit is asleep at that time. So we watch blue films and we have wild sex even though I am tired. But the best sex we have is when he has night shift.

He comes back at 7.30 in the morning. Rohit goes to school(kintergardm) . He immediately wants to have sex. He takes off my clothes fully and we have bath together. He then has nice and slow sex with me with no tension of children or anybody. He has always satisfied me sexually."

I took her soft hand in mine and asked her,"Then what is the problem?"
She said,"Look, I know that you want to do it with me. But I am elder to you." I stroked her hair and said,"I am not a kid, Jaya. You know something I get a hardon when you are with me. I have masturbated thinking of you. I wish I could be inside you. Since you are my close friend I am telling this to you." She smiled and said,"Atleast you are honest."
I asked her if she is enjoying that kind of sex even now too. Jaya said,"It has stopped for the past two weeks. I don't know he has become too busy or found another whore."
I told her if he can cheat than even she can. As it is she is a woman and a woman is as good as a man and she deserves her freedom. I told her he is not your owner, just your husband. I told her that she can take a break from regular dal chawal and have some sambhar for a change"

Jaya laughed and said," You are really a horny guy. I must tell you that I knew that you had the hots for me that day when I was serving chicken and you were watching with me interest" I told her,"if it was in my control, then I would have thrown away the chicken breast and would have eaten your breast". She burst out laughing and said," I confess that I wanted you from the first moment. I was myself surprised by my reaction. I wanted you, my cunt got wet when you talked to me. Murugan is a fair person, but you have dusky complexion. I have seen blue films and seen negro penises, they look so big and thick. I wonder how it feels to be fucked by a dark and handsome man. They seem to have lot of sexual power. I wanted you, it has been my teenage fantasy to be fucked by a dusky man. Secondly I wanted a man who could have sex like they show in blue films. Murugan does not like all those stuff which they show in blue films. He thinks only whores do it. I secretly love all those positions. I know you also like that kind of sex. I don't know why, but I have always liked darker men, they look more manly and steel types. You are handsome and dark. That night when Murugan fucked me, it was only his body but I was imagining as if you were fucking me. I had one of my most cherished orgasms that day. I don't know what you will think of me. I don't know myself, I am totally ashamed". I was stunned and the room went silent again. She was breathing heavily and she was looking at her hands and wringing them in despair.

I said " Jaya, I respect your feelings. As I said I won't force anything. Murugan loves you and satisfies you. I am happy for you. But you will always regret that you did not get your chance to fulfill your fantasy and you held yourself back due to sentimental reasons. Jaya, you have to take your decision. I am going to my room. I will wait for fifteen minutes, if you don't come by then. I will think your emotions have won over your body. Think it". I then quietly left and came and lied down on my bed. The clock was exploding like a bomb that day. The seconds were ticking at a excruciatingly slow place. Fifteen minutes passed by but I still waited. But it was past thirty minutes and I thought Jaya was not going to come. So I got up to off the light, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I hurriedly opened the door and there she was, looking down. I pulled her in and asked "Jaya, what took you so long. I nearly died waiting for you to come".

She said "I also died thousand deaths before I finally decided that I will fulfill my fantasy today, come what may". I closed the door and led her to my bed. She was now clad in a soft pink nightie. Her wheatish beauty was accentuated by the soft colour. I was wearing a lungi with nothing on top. I went and sat near her an s me. She closed her eyes. I placed my lips on her luscious and quivering lips and she shuddered violently. She broke away and embraced me in a tight hug, rubbing her face on my hairy chest. I also placed my hands on her boobs slightly massaging them over the nightie. She let out a soft moan. I increased pressure on her boobs and massaged them vigorously. She violently moaned with pleasure. I took her hand and guided it to my rock hard cock. She held the cock lightly at first but soon took it fully in hand and started pressing it deliciously. I couldn't hold it any longer. I stood up and dropped my lungi and directed her to slowly peel down my underwear. She knelt in front of me and did as I told her.

My cock sprang out of the underwear wavering like flag just inches away from her face. She looked down out of shyness but I lifted her face. She looked at my hard cock and took it in both her hands. She kissed on the cock-head and licked away the precum. She fondled my balls and took one inch of my cock in her luscious mouth rolling it under her tongue. It was delightful. She was a expert, I knew it by instinct. But I was desperate to see her nude. So I pulled her up and divested her of her nightie. She was wearing a skin colored lace bra and panty. I turned her over and unhooked her brassiere hooks. She helped remove her bra. I encircled her and took both of her big boobs in my two hands. They were a handful, slightly sagging, but quite firm at the top ; very soft and fluffy to feel. I started massaging them and she started wriggling in pleasure. I simultaneously rubbed my free cock into her panty and she was literally shuddering with ecstasy. I knelt down behind her and rolled her panty down and removed them. Her sexy firm round buttery butt was just above my face. I smelt the exquisite aroma emanating from her mixed with her perspiration. I sank my face in the crevice of her butt and kissed her.

I held her buns in my two hands and spread them and placed my lips on her ass partititon.. She looked like goddess venus herself. She had an hourglass figure, untainted by the the fact that she had borne a child. Her navel was slightly protruding in as sexy manner. Her vagina was covered with rich black hairs. I placed my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wide apart. I parted her pubic hairs and her lovely nice smooth cunt peeped out. It was glistening with her juices and I pushed my face towards her cunt to inhale the sweet aroma of her honey juices. They were divine. I licked her cunt dry. I further opened the portals of her cunt and her pinkish slit and pink clitoris peeped out from behind. I started licking her inner thighs, slowly moving upward again to her outer pussy lips and separated them with my fingers. She was very wet inside and her pussy syrup was leaking down towards her ass.

I quickly licked her juice and it tasted somewhat salty. I inserted my middle finger in her cunt. I inhaled the sweet smell of her cunt for five minutes and rubbed my face on her inner part.. Jaya was squirming on the bed and I bit her clitoris slightly and licked her cunt in long strokesin a upward motion. I then inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her. She let go of her loud cry with ecstasy. tried to silence her.But Jaya was screaming now. Her cunt was now getting wet and warmer. I was enjoying moving my finger inside her warm and wet pussy. I was touching and pressing her inner walls and her g-spot with my finger. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly. "aaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyooooooooooooo aaaaaaammmmmmaaa aaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rammmmmmsssssssssssssssss nallaaaaaaaaaerukkkkkkkku Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I was delighted by her moaning which perked me up. Then I buried my nose in her bush and smelled her vagina. She couldn't control her feelings anymore and shouted "enna ramssssssss panraaaaaaaaaa ayooooooooo ennnnnnaammmmmmmm o poooolllllllla errrrrrukkkkkkkutheeeeee". I continued my tongue massage of her wet cunt.

I parted her pussy lips slightly and licked the visible sections of her cunt now. I had grabbed her butt from below and while squeezing them from below I started licking her clitoris violently. My attentions brought forth her orgasms and I was stunned by the force with which she locked my head to her pubic area. I was arrested in between her most beautiful thighs and the waves of her orgasm drenched me with the sweetest of honey juice. I came and lied down near her on the bed and slowly encircled my arms over her slump body. She was exhausted by the shattering orgasm. I asked politely in smooth voice. "Jaya, can I kiss you?". She nodded looking down. I raised her chin by my hand and moving even closer put my lips on hers. Her lips were trembling. She seemed unsure to open her mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue and started sucking her full lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and tried to find her tongue.

As I found her tongue, I sucked her tongue. She moved her hands and grabbed my back. I pulled her tightly towards me and now we were in a tight embrace. She was shaking. Her body was getting warmer. Her palms were moving on my naked back. She did not respond with the kiss. I took my tongue out of her mouth and looked in her eyes. I saw a different kind of look for the first time. She was radiating and her eyes were bright. "Kiss me." I murmured softly in her ear. She held my face in her palms and put her wet lips on mine. I let her suck my lips. She inserted her tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my tongue. We had not moved and were lying next to each other, my erect penis was touching her naval area. She kissed me hard and long and then kissed me on my cheeks.

She slowly started moving downwards, kissing my nipples first , rubbing her soft face on my hairy chest. She took hold of my rock-hard cock in her hand and planted a longing kiss on it. She took cock in her mouth and started licking and kissing it from top to end then she took my full hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking my cock as an expert. She started increasing the pace and soon her head was bo I caught hold of her hairs and started ramming my cock into her mouth. She grabbed my balls from below and started rolling them in her palms. I felt my orgasm rising from the deep confines of my balls waiting to erupt like a volcanic lava. I pulled her face away and brought her upwards. I kissed her once again and said "Lets do it Jaya, lets fuck". She said "Yes, I cant wait any longer too. Come on, put you cock in my wet cunt. Sooooonnnnn..put it in darling". I tenderly made her lie down on the bed.
Her hairs were spread on the pillow like a halo. She was radiating a aura of beauty and I was mesmerised by the divinity of her beauty. I had never imagined that a dark tamilian woman would give me so much sensual pleasure. Especially her lovely cute smiling face, which was sensuousness, personified. So I stood on my knees in between her spread thighs. She opened her pussy lips with help of her one hand and pulled my cock with other hand into her pussy hole. I moved forward and my cock gradually went in her well-lubricated pussy. She closed her eyes and asked me to fuck her deep. I began deep strokes in her pussy that my cock went deep in her and my balls slapped her asshole. She asked to fuck me deep but I slowly moved my cock in and out in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly we both joy and pleasure I dug deep into her wet cunt for about 10 minutes and at last she exploded her whitish juice soaking my balls socked, the juice flowing down her asshole and pouring onto the bed sheet , little after her explosion I also exploded my cock milk inside her pussy and I laid upon her and kissed madly for further few moments and also sucked her boobs."
I pulled her up and we kissed again. I was stroking her hair with my hand and with the other hand I was pressing her ass. She was moaning really hard. I picked her up and laid her on the bad. I just licked every single part of her body which was soaked in her sweet smelling perspiration. I went up to her face and kissed her for long time. Our tongues explored into each other and long I was erect again and my cock was harder than the first time. I was myself surprised by the way my cock had bounced back. She opened her legs to welcome my self into her. My tool was really hard, big and hot now. This time I decided that I would fuck Jaya slowly. I sank my cock inside her drenched cunt very slowly. It was a smooth passage and she was moaning softly. Her beautiful face and her moans were too much for me. I kissed her on her luscious lips and blocked out her moans. I caught hold of her shoulders and thrust my entire length inside her cunt. I paused at that juncture and we looked at each other. I gave Jaya a kiss and started to move back and forth slowly. She was moaning really very slowly keeping pace with my slow thrusts and kept moving slowly in and out of her love-hole, increasing my pace little with each thrust. She was screaming and moaning frantically now.

I was afraid that somebody might hear us. I leaned over and stared sealed her mouth with mine, playing with her hair, licking her neck and ears. She was just screaming and moaning harder and harder. I road her for about ten minutes and then she pushed me over and got on top of me. I was flabbergasted. The Jaya who was caught between her morals and her need for sex was riding me. She leaned over me and grabbed my tool, directed inside her - very slowly. She was shivering and I was just looking at her. She then smiled and said, "What are you looking at?" I said, "The most beautiful woman in the world - riding me!!" She just smiled and started riding me slowly. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her every now and then. She started riding me really fast now. She was screaming, moaning and riding faster and faster. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her every now and then. She leaned back and her hairs were flying. She was screamming "AAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHH aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmma vallllllllllikkkkkkkkkkkuthuuuuuuuuuu vittuttttuuuuuuuudungaaaaaaa UUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMaaaaaa". I told her that I was about to cum and she said, "Cum inside me. I want to feel that hot lava of yours.." I came really hard and she came threw her self on me - keeping my member inside of hers. We kissed, hugged so tight and kept each other into one another's arms. I pulled my self out from her and she came next to me and rested her head on my chest.

She was playing with my chest hair and I was rolling my fingers into her silky hair. We lay like this for few minutes - no words were spoken. I could feel her heavy breathing and she was really happy - cause she was kissing my chest every now and then. With the other hand, I grabbed her buttocks and massaged them. She moaned.AAAAAHHHH . I pressed it again. she did the same. my tool was getting l ittle hard now and she saw it and smiled at me - and said, "I want that in side me." I rolled her down and got on my side and started to kiss her really hard. Our tongue met and - her mouth was so hot and it was so good. I started to squeeze her boobs once again and got on top of her. she let a big moan out AAAAHHHHH. she looked at me, pulled me near and kissed me again. She then, opened her legs, sprayed wide - welcoming my member into her love hole. I rubbed my tool on her love hole and slowly entered her.

She kept her eyes close and pressed my hand really hard. She let a moan out .AAAAHHHH. I stared pushing my self into her and when I was all the way in - I paused for a while! She opened her eyes and said, " I have given you myself with gay abandon that I never had imagined I would ever dare to do. " I said, "Don't worry Jaya, I will never let these memories leave me and will always keep this special moments of our life with me always - till the last minute of my life" With that, I gave her a kiss and started to move in and out. in and out. in and out. she was just moaning with each stroke. AAAAHHHH.AAAAHHHH.EEEEEE..EEEE GGGGOOO OOODDDDD.. AAAAHHHHH. Her body was shivering, her boobs were going up and down with each stroke. I placed my hand under her and lifted up li lly hard. She responded very well. I stared stroking her harder and faster. She cried out loud with each stroke. She leaned over and I took one of her boob into my mouth and started sucking it.
She held my head and kept on responding to my thrusts. Her hairs were stuck to her head with perspiration. Her whole body was drenched with her sweet perspiration. I was now clinging to her inhaling the sweet smell emanating from her body. We had reached a steady rhythm of fucking. Our bodies were moving in a synchronised manner. I could feel her orgasm build again and I felt myself also moving towards my orgasm. I pulled her close to me held her really tight, she came close and embraced me tightly into her arms. We came together. It was just amazing. We lay in each others arms for eternity. We were savoring the moments of our closeness for eternity. Time flew. We slept in each others arms. The seconds on the clock allowed us to live our sexual moments peacefully. The screaming birds and the sweet call of mynah to her lover woke us up. I kissed my beloved Jaya awake. There was gratitude in her eyes. I also noticed a silent plea in her eyes, a plea to keep this whole night as a cherished memory for the lifetime. I knew Jaya would. I kissed her and told her "Yes Jaya, It will be as you wish". We got up and headed to shower to clean up.

This went on for some days after that and then we stopped fucking as uncle would come regularly. I would get jealous of him. Noticing the urgency of situation at times we would end up doing oral sex with each other or she would masturbate me by hand, but the longing continued. Months passed by.

Months later she became pregnant. I asked whose it was. She told me," buddhu you have fucked me only once rememember. The child is Murugan's." She went off to her native place to bear a child. I missed her a lot, All this time, I had been fantasing about her and masturbating on her whisper pads and used undies which she had left in her house. I was dying to fuck her. She had taken control of my senses at that time. She came back after 7 months with a lovely girl infant. Jayamani had added weight. Her breast size and hip size had increased. She was looking juicy and ripe.

She asked me if I had missed her. I said that I missed every part of hers. I saw the baby, it looked like an angel, as lovely as the mother. Daily, she would come and talk to my mother and she would guide her as to how to take care of the baby and other stuff. One evening she had come to ask for some chilly. I was in the bath. When she came out I deliberately dropped the towel and my genitals emerged out. In Hindi movies they show a woman closing her eyes and running out when they see a man's lund. But here she looked at my soft penis nestled on my balls and grinned sexily as if appreciating the scene. I said,"sorry" but did not bother to put it back. She acted as if she had seen it all and made a remark,"Muje mirchi chaiye, tera mirchi nahi(I want chillies not your chilly). I put my towel back and flirted back to her. I said,"Jaya aunty, I want milk but not yours". She laughed and said,"But my milk tins(breasts) are better than those packets"

One day she was watching a comedy scene in the movie. She laughed uncontrollably and suddenly she passed loud farts continously twice in successsion.I laughed and teased her saying that thank god her husband is not there. She blushed and said that she was sorry. Her husband was not in time for anything. Jaya also told me that she had lied initally about the fact that her they would have sex regularly just to fool herself into believing that she was leading a good sex life. Yes he did fuck her intially but that was only for producing kids. Now even though he had sex with her, it was rare. I comforted her and said that she was still a sexy lady for me. I said that even if she had left a smelly wind I would have breathed in that odor because I was in mad with lust for her and even kinky for her. She told me to shut up and keep quiet. I could not keep quiet. Her sexy smile, her developed figure, those sexy farts, and the fact that we had not fucked for months were playing on my mind. I whispered in her ear,"I love u". I took my right hand and stroked her thighs through her saree. I felt her hot soft full flesh of her thigh as she was not wearing any petticoat underneath. I took my hand up and put it on her cunt region as I kissed her neck and cheeks. I felt a rough obstacle of her underwear but I dug that area to arouse her. I sought her lips and kissed them gently while I stroke her crotch area. I removed the pallu to one side and saw her breasts full and ripe thrusting against her blouse. Her nipples looked hard and prominent. She was not wearing a bra so that she could give milk easily her daughter. I cupped and stroked her left breast and the milk flowed and drenched her blouse. I put my mouth on her blouse and licked it stained with her milk. The other hand was stroking her cunt through the saree. I pulled her saree up and saw her nude fucking buttery thighs for the first time. I caressed her thigh and pushed my hand between it and felt her undie. She lay down and I fell on her. I guided her hand to my erection in the pant. She pressed it feeling the bulge. I felt the expanse of her rough curly pubic hair as I slipped her undie down. I felt her cunt hole, wet and slick but I began to concentrate on her breasts. In lust I opened her blouse and saw her mangoes. I began to eat them hungrily as she fed me her milk. I sucked her nipples with full abandon. I then kissed her belly button. She was moaning softly enjoying my kisses on every inch of her body. Then I saw her secret bushy temple of lust and womanhood. What a fine hole she had! I began to sniff a chooth like a dog. She spread her thighs as she knew that I would be eating her delicacy. I lapped her pubic hairs, opened her cunt and began to chew on her lusty lips of pleasure. The pink heaven inside was throbbing and beckoning me. I saw her clitoris peaking out. Jayamani was saying something in Tamil moaning while rubbing my head on her cunt round and round. I looked at her face, she was moaning, her eyes closed and sometime she was looking at what I was doing to her love hole. I loved her sexy cunt smell, as she buried me between her thighs. Every nibble and suckle on her clitoris increased her moan. She moved her ass up and fucked my face. I put my finger in her shitting hole and increased the intensity of her pleasure. I lapped her cunt and clitoris like a cat licks milk. She began to climax, her oily liquid fell on my face and lips. She loosened her grip on my head and I climbed up to her and caressed her breasts.

Jaya said,"Tu kaha se sikha, mera husband aisa nahi karta usko gandha lagta hai"
I said this is real pleasure. Hunger, I said..hunger for her has made me such a horny animal. She agreed and smiled,and I opened my pants and underwear and showed my magic rod. That black ivory lund of mine was towering like kutub minar saluting her nudity. She exclaimed saying,"AIOOO AMMA"

She made me lie down and began to kiss my face as my hands caressed her firm tight globes of her lady bums. My monstrous nasty fellow was throbbing against her belly. She went down and kissed my belly. She kissed on it and then pulled my pants down. I could feel her pushing my underwear down and then felt the warm sensation of her tongue on my balls. I almost moaned as the firm grip of her hand stroked and teased my raging hardon. May be she was repaying the pleasure I had given her. But whatever she was doing was erotic, as she began to kiss on my penis. She released the grip on my dick and laughinly said,"This is not a lund, this is a black anaconda" She tugged my balls and then began to kiss and sstroke my member with eager horniness. Her lips enveloped and she began to bob her head down on it. I took my hand and guided my hand to the back of her throat as nasty sensation began to run from my dick to my legs as she ate my black banana.

Jayamani had a lot of sexual interest hidden inside us which she was willing to experiment with a boy like me. She began to fist my cock with her hand up and down in rhythm as she went down to my hairy back door. There is no better thing than a preety woman lapping at your anus. It is very erotic. Her tongue was flirting with my anus as she jacked my penis back and forth. The sensations were heavenly. She looked at the pathetic state I was in as my manhood and my shitter was imprisoned by her. Then she inserted my cock in her mouth again and began to suck on it voraciously as she began to shove her middle finger in my asshole. I could not do a thing as I was taken in by those erotic sensations. She began to lick on my peehole and the skin surrounding it and then sucked it again. She did these actions again and again. I screamed in lust and moaned as I began to cum. I shuddered through my orgasm as I delivered my curd on her face. Drops of my semen shot off and fell on her lips,forehead and even on her milk stained tits. "Drink it please" I moaned as she took my penis again in her mouth and cleaned the cum off it and digested it in her stomach. I lay flat on my back catching my breath while she smiled at me and comforted me.
Preety Jayamani went to the kitchen and got me a glass of water and gave it to me to drink. I watched as she had gone to the kitchen nude to fetch water, she could have raised a thousand cocks with that cockteasing ass swinging walk. As I drank the water, I said,"You are really hot, everything you do is so gorgeous, the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you sucked my lund"

She smiled and said,"Thanks, experiences teaches everything"

I asked," Did your husband teach those tricks?"(I was amazed as to how selfish her husband was, he would tell her to suck his dick but would never lick his own wife's pussy)

She said as she stroked my hair," Uncle(her husband) is not the first man to fuck me. I had a bf in my native village who had taken my virginity. He was sensitive and would always address my every need. He pleasured me a lot and he thought how to go down on a man. But even he did not lick my pussy. I had seen some blue films where in I saw some blow jobs scenes. I thought Indian men and boys did not like to go down on women because our cunts and assholes are supposed to be dirty and stinky. But you are different. You know how to pleasure a woman. Your wife will be really happy.

You gave me my first orgasm and so I repayed you by sucking your thing. She said looking embarrassed.

I kissed her,"Your bf and your husband is a fool to neglect such a precious and beautiful thing like your cunt. It is not a thing to just fuck and conceive. It is something to be sniffed, sucked, licked and lapped at."

She laughed and teased me,"You fucking cunt licker"

I retorted back with."You cocksucking whore"

I brought my lips and began to kiss her again. She shied away saying," Please don't, he might come" But my kisses were strong and she returned back with more passionate kisses. Suddenly the baby cried. She stopped and then got up and walked nude to the cradle. She took the baby in her arms and fondled it. Then she bend down slightly and put her breast to the mouth to her baby and began to nurse it. I was watching the curves of this well fucked housewife standing nude with her ass towards me, feeding the baby. This lady was amazing. She had a homely look. Nobody would imagine what a horny cunt she is. In fact women are such special people. They can change their character so quickly that even the Lord could be puzzled. Just minutes ago, she was eating my lund with abandon with total lust. Now with a caring motherly attitude, she was nursing her baby rejecting her lover. The sight of her round fleshy ass was beckoning me. I was hypnotised and walked towards her.

I came close to her and ran my tongue slightly through the back of her neck arousing it and smelling her lovely body odor. I ran my finger and though her ass cleft and brushed my finger against her motherly cunt and watched her reaction. She was a bit perturbed and motioned me to stop what I was doing. I cupped another breast of hers which was nude and not being sucked while I sucked on her earlobe. My hard cock was brushing against her ass and my finger was going inside her pussy. I felt her wetness deep down." Please, she is hungry" she said trying to control her sexual urges while she could nurse her child. "So, am I,"I said."I love you, Jayamani. I can't live without you." I meant it. My cock was like steel slapping at her buttocks. I was stroking and rolling the other nipple to a hard erection. My words and our subdued lust was uncontrollable and we were sticking like this with my finger probing her cunt. The baby had finished crying and had quenched its thirst. It freed itself of her breast and I had a look at her nipple. It was capped with white fluid-her milk. I bend and sucked and licked it clean."Hey!"she said,"You are such a big baba"

"Baba wants to eat a lot of things"I said, as I dug her cunt with my finger. She whispered,"Please stop playing with my cunt....I will not be able control and uncle wwilll cccomme" Her voice was shaking as she held the cradle rail for support as I began to lick the back of her neck and went down trailing my tongue along her spine and back. She could not resist the sweet temptation. The horny bharatiya nari was now swinging her ass towards my face. I began to kiss those irresisible mounds of pleasure- her delicious gand. Oohh, they were so tight, shapely and soft like pillows. They had a dark oily complexion. I wanted to see how her asshole looked like. I lapped her ass with my tongue and pressed her ass and kneaded it like it was some fucking flour(atta). I even gave gentle love bites on her curvy ass and slapped it gently. My cock was brushing against the back of her feet. I had two fingers in her cunt hole while I poked my nose against her asscrack and sniffed her private smell.
As she was seized in lust, she gave in to my serious licking and fingering. She spread her feet wide apart and I could see her sexy shit-pit. There were some fine hairs surrounding her potty hole. It was a light brown small wrinkly hole which looked cute and sexy. I wondered if her husband had ever seen this part of hers or not. I began to concentrate on licking her asshole.

My tongue licked and circled her asshole. She was moaning as she held the binds of the cradle and exposed her naked buttocks to me. She moaned with pleasure as I fiddle with her clitoris. She was uttering the sounds hmmmmmnnnggghhhh as I did my job of eating her anus. I parted her butt and ate teased that cute hole steadily and firmly.
Suddenly there was a door bell.

Her chooth husband had come. Jayamani told me to rush. I went to my room and closed the door. She immediately took her undie from my room rushed to her room. She wiped her feet covered with my sperm with her panty, wore it and then went to answer the door. I locked the door. I witnessed from the peep hole. My sperm was sticking to the back of her undie. I could hear her talking to her husband that she was going to take a bath. Her husband opened his zip pushed his underwear down and took his cock hard. Jayamani was caressing his cock vigorously making it hard. I was jealous but it was not as thick as mine. He held her close to the door and was fucking her. Some jerks I knew, he had come inside her. Then Jayamani went to take a bath.

I was drowned in lust for my Jayamani, her eyes, her voice, her smell, even that fart of hers was running in my mind. I wanted to fuck her. It was so crazy the way she massaged her husband's dick and took him in her chooth. I wanted to fuck her too. But I knew she was also in lust with me and wanted to be fucked by me. The next day her husband had gone to Andheri. I tried to play hard to get. My mother had gone to my cousin's place for engagement. I stayed back because of headache which was a lie, it was a dick ache for my Jayamani.
After 15mts, she knocked my door. Jayamani was looking beautiful, she had worn a light scent and a nice cream colored saree and light brown blouse. She came and acted like innocent. I showed her some dirty smses on my mobile. She laughed loudly and then told me that what we did was not good for her married life and for myself. I told her to cut the shit and fuck off and made a face as if I was crying. I told her that I loved her and wanted to give her pleasure. I told her to take her husband's cock and shove it up her ass. Jayamani looked at my plight and held me close to her and comforted me and said that she was sorry. She said that sex with me was enjoyable to her, she loved every moment of it.She said that I did not just push it in like her husband but I was creative but she was married and I could do that only to my girlfriend or wife.

I caressed her face, kissed her lips and said,"Jayamani, you are the reason my heart beats, every move of yours makes my cock stand, I love each and everything of yours" I caressed her breast through her blouse and squeezed her ball's pulpiness as I spoke to her. She was also sexed up and I felt her hand pressing my cock through my pant. It was already hard and now it was throbbing at her touch.

Again the game of love started, we were nude. I sucked and played with her bums and balls. I began to lick her chooth, clitoris and pussy hair for twenty minutes. Then she sucked my penis with love. I was so consumed with pleasure that I wanted to spray on her face. But she stopped it when I was about to spray. Jaya removed the cock out of her mouth and said," If I had done a second more, you would have come on my face. I want you to put in my hole. Go the toilet, piss and come" I said,"My lund is erect. I cant piss". She said," wait there, let it come down, piss and then come and fuck me. You will last longer" I went and peed. My cock was soft now.

She was sitting naked watching TV. Her body was making my lund move again slowly. She looked at my soft penis and said,"It looks so cute and soft" I went to her and asked her,"How did you know so much?" She replied," I read it in a book." I asked her,"Whose penis do you like the most, your lover's, your husband's or mine?"
She replied,"My lover Prem had a fair penis. It was a long one. My husband's is a normal one. Your's is a wild one. It is so black and thick. Women love such kind of penises. You are so thin and your cock looks like a monster. What do you feed it that it became so mota and jada"

I said," Your love. Your pussy water will make it grow stronger"

We kissed each other. our lips were locked in a tight kiss swallowing each other's spit. I pulled her legs apart fully exposing her hairy cunt. I got down to kiss on her pussy lips. When I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, she started moaning in whisper & making sounds like sssssssssss ssssss… aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. She caught my hairs & pulled my face closer to her pussy. I started licking her pussy as I was starving from years & she started yelling aaaahhhhhhhh….mmmmm rohit pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I looked her face & it had a makeup of lust on it. Her juices were flowing continuously & it was only then I realized that the more beautiful a woman is, the more tastier her juices are.

I inserted my middle finger in her pussy & started finger fucking her. With my other hand, I started slowly smearing her lips, tickling her on her neck & moved a little down to cup one of her breasts. Meanwhile I inserted my second finger also in her pussy and her moans turned into cries. Along with finger fucking I started spreading my fingers apart inside her pussy & rubbing the tender walls of her pussy. At the same time I was taking due care of both of her milk laden boobs by squeezing one & sucking the other. Her milk began to flow in my mouth through the nipple which I was sucking. She was wriggling as a fish out of water & her cries turned into husky moans. She said daaaaaaaarrrrllllliiiinnnngg… aaaiiiiiyooooo hmmmmmmunnnnngh ahhhhhhhhhhhggggg & before she could finish her words she came violently & relaxed with a satisfied look on her cute face. But I didn't stop fingering, sucking & tweaking her. She seemed to be regaining her strength & I immediately stopped as my hungry hard cock was craving for her pussy.

Her legs were widen open and she looked at me with wanton desperation. I put her legs on my shoulder & slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She screamed nnnnnnnnn oooooooo…. aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh as though she was a virgin. But she was so cute that I felt I was really hurting her. I pulled my cock out of her pussy & kissed her passionately on her lips, chin & neck. She hugged me tightly, kissed me all over my face, took my cock in her hand & she herself inserted it into her love hole. As I pushed, she almost winced and said,"Ahhhh, it is really a fat one" I made slow pushes & she was moaning mmmmmmmmmmm.. ooooooooohhhhhh & at the same time pulling me inside her by putting her hands around my waist & ass. Slowly I increased my pace & her moans got louder. The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. Both of us were sweating & her hairs were spread on the white pillow. While fucking her faster, I caught hold of her glorious thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those milky white thighs & she was in the heaven. After about 20 mins, she came again & again for about three times & I was also about to come. She held me close to her breast while I began to shoot my desi ghee right in her vessel(chooth). I moaned,"Oh jayamani...oh jayaaa.. oh jayaaaa" through out my jerks as she caressed my back and back of head. Suddenly I remembered that I was fucking a married woman, who had just had a child and in desperation I removed my cock from her pussy & spurted the rest of my semen all over her stomach, neck, face & hairs. She was really enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed & had a satisfied look on her pretty face. I collapsed on her naked body with my cum all over her & hugged her. She was laughing with joy & told me that she had never enjoyed sex to this extent with her hubby. She kissed me passionately all over my body & wished I had to be her husband. We slept in each other's arms for about an hour.

When we got up, we again had some foreplay and then we began to fuck again. She told me to go slow this time ,very fucking slow. She got on top of me. She grabbed my dick and began to sit her cunt on it and giving light pressures on it. I hit her cunt with my cock as if I was spanking it. She moaned when I hit her clitoris. I moaned when she pushed the whole 7 inches of mine was inside her cunt. Even after so much fucking her cunt is tight and wet. It felt like I had my cock in a vice. The moaning from my Jayamani was getting faster and louder. I started to slid back and forth in her. Man was she wet and warm! I didn't last long; I felt my ball tingling. She began to rise and fall on my cock and I squeezed her balls crazily. Her hips moved sensuously fucking my penis up and down up and down. I screamed,"Ohhhh Jaya"I felt my balls tingling. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. She freed my cock and kissed me. My cock was sore. She went to the toilet to piss. Aftet that we had sex one more time. We did it doggie style. Now my cock was drained of all sperm. I told her," No stock left. Kal aana" She laughed and kissed me again and said that she was really satisifed today.

I asked what if she would get pregnant or infected? She said that she would not make her husband fuck her for a week saying that she has periods. She also has taken birth control pills so there was no risk there too. I kissed her ass before she left and slapped it naughtily as she retired to her room. My mom came after 1 hour, if only she knew what we guys were upto.

Thereafter it was celebration of lust all the way. The sweet Jaya was the darling of my penis. For the entire duration of two days we fucked each other blissfully. But our program ended when her husband entered the picture. Then it was difficult for her to make love to me. When she would come in the evenings to catch water, I would poke my dick from behind or smooch her but we were disturbed by some events like her child crying, or my mother or her hubby coming back from work.

One morning at 6.00 am I was at the back of our house, coming from jogging I saw Jaya taking the lotta(small bucket) and going towards the ladies toilet. We had our loos outside our houses towards the end, at that time..

Jaya saw me and smiled and carried the bucket. I wondered why she was going to shit so early in the morning My eyes focussed towards her luscious ass which was shaking left and right beneath her saree. I tried to stare at her hot ass crack from which fresh juicy silky shit would emerge out in a few minutes. I imagined her sitting on the commode and shitting, pissing and farting on the commode. Oh baby, my lund began to stand in my shorts as I thought of the toilet activities of this sexy lady. I could not control myself and ran after her. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her,"Where are you going?". She laughed and said,"to office, where do you think people go when they have this in the hand?" she said pointing to her bucket." I am coming too" I said. She said,"You can go to the gents". I fondled her ass and said,"I want to make love to you" and showed her my erection through the shorts. Nobody was there. We had reached the loo by then. She made a last ditch to prevent me from entering the ladies loo butt I could
not be stopped.

She said,"Atleast let me finish my shitting before you fuck". I locked the door before me and we were inside one loo stall. I told her to do it before me because I wanted to see and enjoy watching her do shit.

She pleaded me to atleast give her privacy because she felt embarrassed. I asked how long she would take. She said ten minutes.

She smiled and said that the reason she had come early was because she had felt constipated. She could did not have good motions for most of time for the past two days. She knew she would take a lot of time in the loo and so she felt a little urge to go now so she got up and came to the toilet. I asked her if she really felt like emtying her bowels now. She said the urge to relieve the shit had disappeared and she would have to force her self now. I kissed her and told her to eat a lot of papayas, salads, curd etc.

But she said what to do for now. I said I want to fuck her in the ass. May be that will solve the problem. She said that I was crazy. I said I will do it slowly, not push it inside her and it will give her pleasure and even give her good motions. Before she could say anything, I began to lift her saree from behind with the petticoat. I pulled down her black undie. I saw her hot beautiful round ass and I took my dick out. Holding her bums apart I inserted my finger in and out. She began to moan softly. I began to lick her anus for about 15 minutes while playing with her clitoris. Due to my steady handling and tonguing, I felt her belly moving and I had a sense that she would be able to pass good shit after a nice ass fuck.

When her anus had become nice, wet, slick and wider with my tongue and finger, I inserted my cock in her gandhole. Jaya moaned huskily as my dickhead entered in and flirted with the crack that hot partition between her buttocks. I was scared for sometime thinking that some other lady using the toilet might hear us. But I knew at this time nobody would come. I began drilling her asshole, not fucking and hurting her just poking it at the hole where the anus is located, with the head of my dick in and out, all the time pressing her belly softly so that her movements would start.. My cock felt some hardshit contract and expand and knock against the door of her anus. It began to fuck her shit making it soft. Jayamani screamed with pleasure as I pressed her belly with one hand so that I could give her the pleasure of shitting as well as assfucking. The other hand was mashing her clitoris. She began to bite the back of her hand in order to control her groans and moans. I smelled the wicked odor of her farts, the warm obscene air from her anus against my rushing dick. I knew the lady was ready to expel some load. I felt her crap on the tip of my dick. Her anus was so tight that I felt pain. But the pleasure was ten times more than the pain. I began to cum inside her ass, rubbing my penis to and fro at her anus, pushing at that lovely hole,bathing her shit hole with my sperm enema. When I looked at her, she looked satisfied. She had an orgasm because of my playing with her clitoris, and I had almost cured her of the constipation. The proof was her orangish-brown crap on my dick.

"Are you okay now?" I asked her.

She said,"Thanks, I think I would be able to do well."

"Let me check, do it before me".

She squatted on the commode with her ass facing me. Her gand looked glorious and magnificient as she sat in the shitting position. Her butt cheeks were looking big and beautiful. I stared at her anus as it expanded and contracted and then I saw dollops of creamy shit sliding out of her anus. It was shiny smooth like it should be for a beautfiul woman. By the width of the sexy smelly womanly turds which emerged out of her anus, I could make out that her shithole has expanded to such an extent that she could excrete big huge shitlogs out of it. Her shitting was pronounced by intermittent farts which she released shamelessly before a person who she was very open and close to. She would not have been open like this with anybody else even in her dreams. She told me,"I am shameless only for you" She looked at her load and said,"I think I am okay now. Let me clean this." she said pointing to my dick smeared with her shit. She took some water from her bucket and cleaned it and then I took the remaining water and washed her asshole. She wanted to do it herself as she thought it was dirty. But I cleaned it because I was crazy for washing her asshole.me Believe me guys and gals, I am that crazy for Jayamani. Though I washed her asshole the water which was in the bucket was not even to flush the load of shit she had excreted. Through the movement of water it just settled in the waterhole down. The smell in the loo was filthy but in a sexy funny manner not offensive. The flush was not working.

It was 6.45 in the morning now and she said,"come out, lets go now" putting her undies, petticoat etc properly. But I said that even I wanted to take a shit. She laughed and said that she would stay and watch while I did it. I said I didnt mind. I pulled my shorts and underwear down and began to shit. She was looking with excitement as I dropped my excretment in the commode. My shit joined hers which was in the bowl down. She was a toilet freak me who enjoyed people of the opposite sex doing their personal activities. She said,"Wait, I'll fill water". She took the bucket out and then filled it from a drum and came in. She locked the door behind me. "Thank god, nobody is there. Are you done?" I replied with a loud booming fart to entertain her. She began to laugh in splits. When I finished, she began to wash my anus with her left hand. Nobody had done this to me, only my mother when I was a very small kid and now this hot sexy woman was doing it. She flushed the remaining water, the shit disappeared and everything was clean. The sun was rising. She told me to leave out fast and then she will follow me.

So the game of love continued, fucking was mostly with condoms, only during safe periods it was penis to vagina intercourse. One afternoon, she told me that she had sex with her husband the previous night and it was quite boring. That man just pumped and went to sleep. She did not have the masti and fun and anything in common with him. She asked me what is my favorite sex fantasy? I told her that fucking her when her husband is sleeping, beside her. She snapped and said that it is not possible. I told everything is possible in this world, one only needs to use his or her brains. I told her that I wanted to fuck her tonight. she asked me as to how i would come there especially as her husband and kids are around. I told her to come to to the ground floor under the pretext of taking some water from the well. She came down, I gave her some sleeping tablets to be given to her husband and to her eldest son after dinner. I was confident that the younger kid would sleep peacefully after drinking her milk. She was scared to take it, i told her that they would be fast asleep for the next three hours and even an earth quake would not wake them up.

By 11.pm i saw her finishing the kitchen off and that stupid husband of her came inside the kitchen to have water ( i was wondering how she could go to bed with such a horrible asshole). I saw her giving him the milk of course mixed with the sleeping tabs. I called her from my cordless to find out the posistion. She came near the window and told me that they are all fast asleep. She asked my how i am going to come to her house. I told her to keep the back door open.

She had kept the back door open ready. I am seeing Jaya aunty close. Rose saree and rose blouse. Unable to bear the torture of my dick, i caught hold of her and started hugging and kissing her lips there itself my hands was running on the folds of her hips and was holding her big sexy round bottom tight. She was scared and said " No rohit not here lets go inside ."
I went like a hungry dog following her. The moment we are inside, i caught hold of her from back side and my hands was squeezing Jaya's boobs hard i was uttering Jaya Jaya in her ears which had diamond studds. I knew that even she had fallen prey to my seduction. My dick was hitting her buttocks hot and tight. I told her Oh Jaya I need you badly let us go to your room. She said no my husband is sleeping there. I said it is ok he will not get up as you have given him sleeping pills.

Saying so i lifted my beautiful Jaya aunty who is my sexmachine and Murugan's wife and took her to her bedroom. I saw there the ugly husband snoring and sleeping loudly like a pig, i put her in the bed next to him and started kissing her wet lips and put my head in her neck and was slowly saying Jaya Jaya. She took my head of and pleaded saying that rohit, my husband my get up and it would be a bad scene for both of us. I got irritated with her. I got up and gave one kick on her husbands nasty hips. The pig was still snoring. I told her see Jaya, this pig is still sleeping. Dont worry about him. I need you. Saying so without undressing her , i sarted kissing her all over her body. I slowly removed her pallu and saw her wonderful breasts inside her rose blouse.

The sight if the black bra inside roused me. I removed her saree and her blouse very artistically. She was only in her black petticoat and black bra infront of me. I did not want to screw her right away. I tld her to sit down and suck my cock for some time and then later on go further. I knew she had made some gulab jamuns two days back as she has given the same to our house also. I told her that i wanted some gulab jamuns.

She was looking at me in surprise but she went inside the kitchen and brought them to me.i put the jamuns and the sweet juice on my dick and balls all over and asked her to lick and eat and taste them. She initially said do as she was aware of her husbands presence. I forced her head in to my dick and thrusted my dick loaded with the jamuns and juice inside her m0uth. She was sucking it slowly and then increased the speed. As she was sucking my dick, i removed her bra and was crushing her breasts, i caught hold of her folds in her hips and my hands were reunning around them, i still went further down and removed the strap of her petticoat and made her nude i saw her beautiful round bottom once again. I was having a real hard on and at that time i exploded inside her mouth, she was about to take her mouth out but i sensed it and thrusted my dick into her mouth with full pressure and was shouting Jaya Jaya after the cum release, she went to the wash basin to wash her mouth, i went behind her,
i forced my hard dick in her bottom and carried her in my arms to her bed.

She said no, my husband is sleeping there. I was in no mood to listen, i put her in the bed and was on top of her sucking her beautiful round breasts, my my what hard nipples she has got even at that age while biting her nipples i could hear her husband snoring - bastard i told to myself, i after sucking her breasts, i went down her pussy and kissed it and licked it like an ice cream. Unable to hold any longer i entered the beautiful Jaya aunty, i fucked her to my hearts content, while fucking her i was onlysaying Jaya i need u for ever. Soon Jaya overcame her fears and came in her mood and was enjoying herself with me, saying,"oh yess, dal andar aur dal..oh rohit two hours we had real fun. After the screw, i was about to leave, i got dressed it was 2 am Iwent to theback door, Jaya followed me she looked like an angel in the moonlight, unable to control my self i again undressed in the back yard and fondled her and kissed her again for about fifteen minutes.

She said that she would take revenge, she said that even she would give me a blow job in front of my mother. I had to give my mummy light dosage of sleeping pills. She conked of to sleep. Uncle was having a night shift. Her children were dozing. She came to my room, undressed me, pushed my jockies down and began to eat my fat salami in front of my sleeping mother. It was a pleasurable experience as I came in her mouth.

After that at regular spacing and careful thinking, we would have nice erotic blissful sex. It was so beautiful. Sometimes I would make love to her like a curious boy and sometimes I would fuck her like a maniac. Even she at times would say nai nai it is not fair and then get fucked. Or at times she would just spread her legs and fuck passionately like a whore. Things were going good, but even good things come to an end. She told me once that she would shift in a week's time to her native place because her husband thought that it would be good for the kids to be in a school in Madras. I was heartbroken and even she was sad. Amazingly though I was in tears, she was mature in her thought. She told me that she had never found a better lover like me but then she can never be my wife. She said that she was lucky to have my penis in her. But she told me to always treasure these moments. She kissed me. That evening I made love to her. We kissed and licked every part of each other. As a parting gift she told me not to use a condom and fuck her. She was in safe periods and her husband also was not fucking her. So, we fucked for an hour because her husband was coming in that time limit. She had an orgasm and as I came in her, I moaned and called her name. She caressed me like a child and said," yessss.....give it... let it come let it come baby." When I settled against her breast,she told me to lie down and feel her insides with my cock. We smooched continously eating each other's lips for sometime. Then her husband came and she had to leave.

Just two hours before leaving, nobody was there in the house. She called me in her bath and we had a shower erotic. We washed each other, playing, soaping and fiddling with each other's organs and even drying each other. She told me let's have the last sex in the train. I was surprised. She told me she had planned accordingly. She told me that her husband would catch the train from Andhra and not from Mumbai. She had convinced her husband to arrange for my ticket till Andhra Pradesh and back so that it felt safe.

After 15 minutes uncle came. He asked me if if I could take his wife and children to Poona as he had an important work. My heart skipped a beat. You are so kind enough to give me an opportunity to fuck your wife in the train. He told me to book the tickets and I booked a first class ticket for couple. We were booked at the 9.30 pm train. Next day evening i took a auto rickshaw and got my luggage dumped in and called Jaya. Her husband had already left in the morning and we could not fuck because of visitors and neighbours.

However in the cab we had sexy fun. With the luggage, bags and children she had to sit sticking to me. It was around 6.30 pm and it was getting dark. Jaya was wearing a blue saree and a blue blouse and her hair was loosely tied she had jasmine flowers on her hair.It was around 6.30 pm and it was getting dark. Jaya was wearing a blue saree and a blue blouse and her hair was loosely tied she had jasmine flowers on her hair.

I was getting aroused. My hands were running around her back and started tickling the sexy folds in her hips and stomach. I put my hand inside her pallu and tried to squeeze her sexy tits. She removed my hand and hissed on my hear to behave myself lest the taxi driver may see us. But i contiuned. Rohit her child was looking out of the window and she started to squeeze my dick through the pants acting innocently. By 7.00 pm the taxi arrived at the station and we went to our compartment. It was a neat first class coupe where only two people could travel. "Jaya blushed when she saw the coupe and said that you are one sexy romanic guy. Wait till the kids sleep and then we can make love.". The moment we are inside and got settled the train started moving. I closed the door and once the train left the platform, i caught hold of her and said Jaya I will miss you, love. She smiled and said in code language let Rohit sleep then we can make love. We had dinner and Rohit was feeling drowsy becoz of the train movements. She breast fed the baby infront of me as I watched. After the baby slept, I sucked her nipple and drank her milk. I told her," Now i want you in full for the whole night." She said "rohit, I am all yours" I was aroused and i stood up pulled her and hugged her tight and started licking her like a hungry dog.

She also caught my head and started pushing her tounge inside my mouth and started kissing me. Iwas uttering Jaya and held her tight and my left hand was running over her back and my left hand was holding her sexy bottom tight. I again sprang on to Jaya like a hungry leopard trying to snatch its meat. I kissed Jaya all over her body without removing her clothes. I kissed her lips, i bit her lips. I uttered Jaya Jaya in her ears.

I removed her pallu and kissed on her boobs and cleavage even though she was in her saree. I kissed and licked her stomach and kissed her sexy folds. I went still down and kissed her bushy temple of sex (heavenly hole) and also kissed and bit her sexy bottom and was uttering Jaya Jaya my angel etc., suddenly she pushed me and went near the window and was panting. I knew she was feeling guilty as she was being emotional that she was not to going to be with me from now onwards. I slowly went near her and saw her breathing heavily. I could see her cleavage and black bra inside her blue blouse and my dick was in full steam. I went near her and put my hand inside her saree foldsand removed it, thats it she was inside my arms. The train was moving in full speed, i was carressing her like anything. I removed her saree fully and later removed her blouse, bra and petticoat. She was standing nude in front of me for the tenth time.

I lustily licked all over her body, i squeezed her breasts and bit her thick dark nipples and tried to act as if a calf was drinking milk. Due to my sucking force, her milk emerged out and went straight inside my stomach. I was her baby and I loved her sexy milk. I put my face in her stomach and kissed her. I later put my tounge inside her pussy and licked it all over she was screaming my name with delight, but nothing could be heard out due to the trains moving sound. She made me sit in the seat and held my heavy dick in her had and kissed it all over she licked my strong balls and took my cock inside my mouth slowly like a cone ice cream i was going mad, i was only uttering Jaya u r my angel darling so on she sucked it so hard that i exploded fully inside her mouth face and cheeks.

She licked my entire cum and sexily smiled at me. Then I began to eat her pussy, flicking my tongue at her clitoris and fingering her asshole. I licked my finger which was in her asshole savoring her taste. I kept on licking her cunt till she came in my face. I put her in the berth and fucked her like a mad dog for the next three hours. My thick hard penis was her favorite fucking machine and she loved every piece of meat in it. I put my dick inside her wet cunt and looked at her and she was blushing sexily. I said Jaya howmany every times i fuck u i am not bored nor it is going to be enough i need u more my darling. She said,"I know, even you make me go mad in sex, love. It is two hours and your cock is still hard like a rock. Don't tease me. Put your water inside me. I don't care if I am pregnant. Fuck me, push it inside. Take me" Her words encourage me and then I began to pump her like savage. The train's movements along with ours was really erotic. She loved it and pushed her ass from below while she moaned softly. Her children was fast asleep as I was impregnating her. For a moment I wished Rohit could wake up and see his mother and me fucking. She brought her hips up and locked her thighs around my back locking me completely inside her as we pumped. Sensing that I have a nice sex stamina, she began to caress my back and neck with her hands as my lauda began to go in and out of her bhosda. She moved her fingers down and then began to play and fiddle with my balls. She careesed the back of my neck and slightly cupped the ball sac in such a way, that I felt my balls churning. I knew I could come in her now. She sensing the urgency moaned in my ears in Hindi,"Mat roko,,, aane dho...pani chodo mere chooth mein..mat roko...ahhh unnnhhhh(don't stop...let it come, spray your water in my cunt". I looked at her eyes which were closed, enjoying my pumping strokes. I thrust in deep and hard inside her, then my shots shortened as I began to cum. Her slick wet tight cunt felt like heaven as I felt it gripping my penis. I moaned,"Oh Jayaaaaaaa Jayyaaa..." and began to climax in her. My back muscles tensed as I began to shoot my joker gum(semen) in her. She had opened her eyes and watched my expression as I began to shoot. She was smiling and telling me,"Fly baby fly...," as I writhed my hips through my orgasm. After emptying inside her, I collapsed on her tits. It was so soothing and relaxing after the satisfying sex. She said,"Thank you, rohit" Her eyes were almost welled in tears but still smiling. I slept with her, my naked softened cock buried in her.

We got up at 5.00 am, we looked at each other. She was looking gorgeous. I kissed her good morning. She told me," get up, I will just go and brush" I removed my dick out of her. She looked ravishing in nude as she stroked her kids. We had privacy and there was no one in the compartment apart from us, so the toilet and the bathroom was also accessible to us. She wore her saree and then went for a wash.. She came back after brushing and while I went to brush, shave and wash my face. When I came back the children were still sleeping soundly. She was reading a story book. I kissed her face and she kissed me back, she said,"I am going to miss you," I said that,"Even I, I want to enjoy every minute with you" She said," last night was so erotic...." I said,"it was becoz of you, jaya" I fondled her tit softly as I kissed her lips. We were smooching again.

Jaya said,"let me go to the toilet and then shower, then we will make love again if time is there" I said,"Jaya, time is never there, let us enjoy the time we have...I want to go to the toilet and shower with you"

Jaya giggled..."Chee, naughty boy, you will always be a curious kid". Jaya naturally gets bowel movements an hour after she gets up. But I needed time. She told me "drink some water, then you will feel the pressure."

We went to the loo. The train was moving. She looked at me, I held her hand in my hand as she shat in the commode. The commode was clean. I kissed her bums during her shitting session. She must have dumped half a kilo of shit...I laughed and said."it must be half a kilo" She laughed and said,"go sell it in the market" I said,"I am going to sell it to your husband in Andhra pradesh" She laughed. It was funny, naughty and something wild. This was the second time we were doing it after that day. Her motion was smooth, shiny and to be honest even her crap did not have a bad smell. Then I washed her anus, thoroughly with water, flushing it. Then I had to do my thing. She laughed and giggled throughout my session. Even she washed me after I was done. Then we headed for the shower. We washed, each other soaping each other thoroughly, I washing her face, hair, thighs, ass, asshole, cunt, tits and even her feet. She washed my chest, shoulders, hair, and washed my dick. She watched it as my cock grew while she was soaping it. I applied shampoo on her head while she began to give a blow job in the train. Her mouth movements along with the train movements was an out of the world experience. However she did not suck me with intensity because she needed me one more time inside her cunt. She stopped sucking when I was going to come. We finished bath, dried ourselves and came out. She wrapped her body in a towel and came out and I was in underwear. She said,"Let me wear a saree, we cant fuck naked now. Rohit might get up" Jaya wore a saree and I wore my t-shirt and shorts with the bulge protruding out.
I lifted her saree up and began to lick her pussy. She moaned while I began to eat her cunt. She came on my face again in five minutes. Then we kissed each other. She fished my cock out and caressed it. We fondled and pressed each other's sex organ in desperation. I squeezed her ass, molded her tits while I kissing the back of her neck. Then she took my cock and lifted her saree to the thighs. She lay down while she told me to get on top of her. She told me to do it slowly and then pick up speed. I fucked her in that style and I began to pump my dick thick and fast inside her because the sun was rising. She said,"FUCK ME HARDER..." I pumped and pumped till I came inside her. After finishing and getting exhausted, I went down her and pushed her petticoat up and sucked her cunt. I sucked clitoris and then went down further and licked her anus. I began to do it to and fro, fingering her cunt and eating her anus and clitoris. She came again on my face. After our storms quelled, she was blushing. I kissed her and we smooched again.

The storm was over now. We were done as we stroked each other. I love you jaya. She had no answer. But her eyes meant it as they were close to tears. She said,"you are such a good boy...I would have married you if not for my husband. We have done so many things together, even private things which even a husband and wife don't do together. We have shared every possible moment together and each minute was wonderful. But rohit, we have to face the fact. I am married, I have two kids. But still at times like today I made you fuck me without a condom. Because I love your style of fucking. It can make any girl go crazy. Even a sati savitri can become a slut if a man is man enough to give a woman pleausure, she has not dreamt of. See even you made me a sexy slut...but I don't have regrets because you are more caring, loving, a fantastic lover and a true friend. I have learnt Hindi with you . Even my English has improved. I enjoyed so much with you. Even I am pregnant with your child, he will not know."

I was listening to her, feeling emotional listening to her every word. I said,"But I will miss you, Jaya...why did this happen?"

She got up and straightened her hair. She straightened her dress. My cock was out hanging in the air, wet with her juices and a bit softened.

She said,"See rohit, things change...they change for the better. Dont feel bad. Even I feel bad for things but I have to face it. My previous boy friend would only care for his pleasure. My husband believes in that old fashioned sex. What can I do? But when he fucks me I will imagine that it is you who is doing it to me. You don't take too much tension. Masturbate if you want, if you have sexual tension. Write to me, we will write erotic mails to each other. I will give u my panties as my memoirs. U can keep it with you.... She said, looking at my cock,"Let me talk to this cute monster here...She bent down and talked to my penis. As if her mouth was a sensor, my cock rose again. She spoke,"Hi this is your mistress, old fellow. You took good care of me..How come you are so thick...Take care of your master....let me give you a kiss". she kissed my cock again. I had emptied my cum and it was hurting. She sucked it and then got up, looked at me and smiled," Your fellow is tired, I know it is hurting after so much workout"..." I said,"Even he is feeling sad". She smiled and said,"He better be, rohit put your saaman (cock) back in your pants...I can't bear to see it, even when soft it is thick..rohit might see your snake" I put my penis back in my shorts. I said,"May be it scares you?"

She replied,"Oh really, I can gobble your banana before you know it." I replied,"Rohit should listen to this....sexy slut language of his mother" "

"Shut up" she said and we burst out laughing. She said,"Your dick is really a thick one..you are so slim and your cock is so thick.I don't know I could take it because I am a woman. But be careful with your wife especially if she is a virgin. May be god has gifted you with the art of foreplay so that when your thick hard cock goes in she can still take it in her. With a cock like this you will find lot of woman fans. Every woman fantasises secretly about having a thick fleshy hard dick like yours. She wonders how she can take such a big one in her vagina. I had seen dicks like yours only in blue films."

I said that I will never get a woman like her. She said that I should stop being a kid. I will get girls and women. She told me to have safe sex, in safe periods and pleasure them like I pleasured her."

I stroked her cunt through the saree when she was talking to me. Suddenly the talk stopped as I rubbed her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as I rubbed her down there and she came again. She opened her eyes, smiled at me and said,"Will you ever stop, my sex machine?"

"No," I said and we kissed again..

Suddenly there was a slight sound...."Mummy", we stopped kissing and we saw Rohit getting up. She broke the kiss and said,"what happened child?"

We knew it had to stop...her child had got up. That was my Jaya. A lovely female, a terrific cook in the kitchen, an innocent looking woman with her husband's friends and elders, a caring loving mother, an insatiable slutty sexy whore in the bed with me. Andhra was nearing, we had to get down. I was feeling sad, so was she. But we had to control our emotions and urges. Whenever possible and whenever her son was not looking, I kissed her ass, neck, lips or pussy . I touched her tits and licked her neck at times while packing the luggage, or helping Rohit with the brushing and other things. She also stroked my bulge when Rohit was looking out of the window of the train. Then she sensed my horniness and motioned me to come to the loo. Once again in the loo, we kissed and smooched like crazy. She removed my penis and examined my state," My god, this is hard again?" She began to give a quick blow job but Rohit started to call,"Mummy mummy!" she stopped and said,"Let's go in the boy is scared....I will do it to you there."

She came out and said,"What happened beta?"

Rohit said,"Mummy don't go...."

She consoled him and said,"rohit bhaiya and I had gone to talk....okay we will talk here..."
She sat and cuddled her son. I was watching her. She then gestured me to come and sit with her. I sat close to her and made a smiling face at her son. He smiled back."beta" look at the grass and mountains there, exciting na" Jaya put a chaddar, a blanket on both of us.....and then as she talked to her son, she removed my cock out and began to masturbate me. Her left hand went up and down my cock, stroking it furiously up and down , while with the right hand she fondled her son's head. I saw two sides of my sweet Jaya.. a loving mother and a sexy slut. Her hand was so soft and firm as she pumped my dick to and fro with rapid movements, stopping and teasing the head of my lund with her thumb and then fisting my cock once again. It was too much to me. You could not making out in Jaya's face that she was fisting me. Any other person would think that she is just sitting there idle and talking to her son. Her hand job was going at a full speed, faster than the train speed and I moaned and began to come in her palm and finger. It was sticky and lathered with my white come. Suddenly Rohit looked at his mother's fingers and palm which was sticky with white pearly drops.

He asked her,"What is this mom? Milk or what?"

She said," yes son.......this is only for women."

She began to lick her hands and fingers sexily licking every drop of my cock syrup in front of her son and me. She winked at me. I could sense her fingers putting my cock back in my underwear. I put my pant up and sat with her. Then I caressed her thighs. She understood what I was upto. She put the chaddar on top of her thighs properly. I lifted her saree, petticoat up, I pushed her pink panty to one side and began to thrust one finger in her hole. She was talking to her son while I fingered her hole. I put another finger inside her and began to fuck her with my fingers in her vagina. She could not talk to her son properly as I began to masturbate her.

The boy was asking his mother,"Mummy tell na,"

But she was only saying,"Beta...unnnh yesss ahhhh.....that is a mountain...ahhh"
I was playing with her clitoris now rolling it in my finger and doing ungli to her cunt fast and harder. She was biting her lips and closing her eyes.
Rohit was telling,"Mom why are you closing your eyes...tell na"
I said,"Rohit, mom is sleeping for a while, she is tired..."
Mom said,"Yessss..rohit wait,,, I will tell you, wait...unnhh"
I kept on fingering her pussy fucking it deep with my finger and pulling at her clit till she climaxed on my finger. She opened her eyes looking satisfied her expression of lust in the face, her eyes looking blushed. I removed my fingers out of her wet cunt and then began to lick her cunt juice lustily.
Rohit said,"mom were you praying now?"
She smiled as I licked her through my fingers..." I was praying him to stop"
She whispered in my ears,"You are such a maniac....playing with a woman's cunt in front of her son.."
"I fucked you in front of your husband, don't you remember.,.,.I love your cunt, Jaya as much as you love my lund..."
Jaya said,"You have made me a total rand...wait I will go to the loo and give you my panties."
She went to the loo, while I talked to her son came back and handed me her used panty.
We arrived the destination, her husband was waiting there. I had to drop her. We had to disguise our emotions but we did not have a choice. I kissed her again and fondled her butt and slapped it naughtily while the train reached the station. The baby was still sleeping.
Murugan was there waiting for his over fucked wife . He told me,"Sorry rohit for your trouble....and thank you"

I told him,"No uncle, the pleasure was all mine. Aunty was nice and Rohit is so cute,Bye
Jaya aunty, bye rohit" I kissed their baby and went to a hotel..Then I planned to come back to Mumbai.

Jaya told me,"Thanks rohit" when leaving and extended her hand for shake hands. Again the sexual electricity shot up in our eyes but this time it was time to say bye bye....
I still love JAYA a lot. She writes erotic mails and letters to me. She says that she misses me a lot. She told me that she might convince her husband to come to Mumbai next year. I am honest to her and told her of my sexual affair with Meghna. She is not jealous, only told me to play safe. Jaya is intelligent and beautiful. I miss you Jayamani....

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